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Oh Boy here I go again!! – Third time lucky? Nope its not about luck.
An uplifting Sunday to start as before and the intentions are high. So Monday arrives and I am already f***ing up!

Why is that? I already know I can do anything I want to – Already this year I gave up drinking after nearly 40 years of drinking almost every day and all it took was a moment of decision and I have felt great ever since.

Dropping weight – no problem 35lbs lost in a year and fitter than I have been in 20 years I just made a decision!

Physical challenges no problem – 105 miles in a day for a kids’ cancer charity. Well, there was no way I was going to stop before the end of that one no matter what the pain was like on the last 15 miles of fell running!

I love challenges like that they make me feel great in so many ways.

Then I look at my true DMP and the formula of the MKE process and boom my brain goes to mush and I float about like a fart in a wind-tunnel what is going on?! I do anything to stall, procrastinate, avoid the work, do it last minute and let my mind slip to anything else.

I know the process works and if I am truly honest, I have never followed it to the letter and I have even fallen back on my “yellow” colour code character to let me off the hook.

Well, now is the moment of decision and even writing this is therapeutic and decision making. I have decided this is the moment I promise to follow every single step to the letter with enthusiasm and achieve the true DMP that means so much to me and will set me free.

Today I begin a new life! I always keep my promises.

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  • Hi Paul, loved your blog! A good START is half the work, as they say?? when I read how you’ve overcome your other challenges, this should be a piece of cake for you..! JUST DO IT.. and have FUN!

  • Fabulous, Paul! It’s about making the decisions and keeping the promises. You are on your way!

  • Hi Paul, what a great article! Your achievements you are sharing are impressive, and yes, your decision was key for each of them…However, each decision was not really taken just before the change occured, but long before and was followed by a struggle which eventually came to the happy end, thanks to your perseverance! You now have made the decision to acquire the Master Key…and here is the struggle again…Welcome to the club of the “Old Blueprint transformers”!! Thanks for your great share!

  • Hi Paul, I relate too well, and will likely discuss in a future blog. I expect we have some basic beliefs in our operating systems that need to be overwritten, or possibly a curse that needs to be exposed and nullified. Exciting times ahead…

  • Welcome back Paul! I’m so happy you have made your decision going thru the MKE again, following every single step to the letter. And you have to great decisions already to stand on. I’m looking forward to follow you creating new habits here!

  • Paul, you are great. I understand everything you shared and know that you have already succeeded. Congratulations, and see you in the next blog post.

  • Paul, this is so powerful and so amazing. A great reminder that unfoldment basically never ends. Keep the guardsman at the gate and keep rolling! So happy you’re back with us!

  • Paul, you are a wonder!! This is your moment and you’ve committed!
    From a fellow yellow … I relate!!

  • Thank you, Paul, for sharing your blog. I am literally LOLing! Here’s to beginning your new life and following it all to the letter (yellows often do get distracted; but you have the newfound conviction to follow through — and I know you always keep your promises.)

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