MKE Week 1 – Completely Lost!

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Completely lost! I come from a lifetime of government background whether federal, state or county. Its all I have ever known. Now that I am retired, I’m a little lost in where my next purpose is going. I know I need this mind reset and am looking forward to it. But I am not sure what to expect next. Or how I will get through the steps to get there. I couldn’t even decipher what was wanted or needed for this first blog; just how to do it and submit it. But as far as the content is concerned, not sure what is being looked for. I sure hope I do well here. I know I’m willing to!

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  • Hi Jackie – I am Greg and a fellow “tribe mate” though I am not sure how we came to be as such. I am here on this journey with you as well and I wanted to thank you for your candor and willingness to question what it is all about!!!!! I can say for me that that in itself is becoming an unsought benefit of this experience _ finding freedom, peace and a sense of inner security in the uncomfortable and unknown_ because then and only then, in this whirlwind we call life, can our true nature of inner power and peace be developed. We are all our own authors of how it will unfold, and we have all been presented with faulty programming and the notion that we are being evaluated; so continue to set your steps forward how you want to, without any consideration of what is expected. I will do my best to do the same – Tribe-mate- Greg

  • Hello Jackie! You’ve got this. Face Everything And Rise! Definitely have some programming from government work (I did 20 in military,) but I can tell you there is a good life afterwards. There’s other ways to be, and while it may rub up against your comfort zone in the beginning, you’ll soon adapt, and later you’ll be telling stories about it. Congratulations on making the decision to move forward, and connecting with your next chapter!

  • I enjoyed your blog Jackie. I felt the same way when I started the MKE. You are on the right track.

  • Awesome Jackie, you are heading in the direction that you see fit. It is in you already, allow it to speak to you and notice what is right in front of you. YOU! Looking forward to seeing you reach the outcome you want.

  • Hi Jackie, You are bringing a willing heart and that is what matters. We get better as we do. You are on a journey together with all of us.

  • Jackie, I’ve been in that same boat! Now, I see what a gift it is — to have nothing but “choice” ahead. How brightly wonderful. Enjoy!

  • You did it!!! Congrats! Just take each step at a time and enjoy the process. Chipping off the cement to find the gold is very worth it!

  • Excellent blog Jackie! You wrote about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. You are on the spot right! And thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability so honestly. I am looking forward to read more about your journey.

  • Jackie, your blog photo says FEAR and your words say LOST and yet your courage and determination to find your way absolutely shine through. You exactly did what your first blog w noas meant to do! Applause, applause!

  • Hi Shirley….So inspired that you shared in this way what is true for you at this moment.Feeling unsure is part of the process. I am excited to see where you go from here, if you stick with it, I assure you that it will be awesome! xoxo

  • Jackie – write what you want about your experience with the MasterKey Experience! You did that very well, bravo!

  • Way to go, Jackie! Congrats on doing exactly what you needed to do on your first blog — you were vulnerable and honest. Now, find peace and comfort in the process. You are well on your way!

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