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I am so excited about taking this journey. I am a Mental Health Therapist by trade. I have learned many of the techniques that have been discussed so far and have seen their value in isolated ways. I have often thought there must be more… I have been on a personal journey throughout the years of self-improvement but never quite sure how everything I have learned fit together in terms of truly mastering oneself. Initially going in to this, I was skeptical (I’ve read a lot, tried a lot, spent a lot of money in the name of self-improvement but have still been left wanting.) I questioned the exercises that were assigned in week 1 but I am choosing to be open and have a willingness to learn so I embraced the exercises and did not try to lean to my own understanding… Wow! My mind is blown with how the exercises are connecting dots for me. I have gained an insight this week that has been surprising. I am also learning how difficult challenging it can be to truly master oneself. My old programming is relentless but I am up for the challenge. Let’s go!

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  • I am grateful to read your blog, it’s amazing to hear from others how this is making sense, trust this powerful process…

  • I think you’ll find MKE is so well integrated, it will be fun and exciting to connect the dots. Great first post, Adriene! 🙂

  • Adrienne – Soooo much energy in your words. Great first blog. You have received the Scholarship, take the advantage of being open to the process. This is an amazing journey for you, and I am looking forward to following you.

  • Welcome, Adrienne, and good job on your first blog and on stepping out in faith. There is a reason why everyone says the MKE is #NothingLikeIt. You had seen shades of the material; however, like many others, had never seen it all in one place before or taught so that you could integrate it into your daily life. Now is your chance.

  • Miss Adrienne, welcome, and glad to see you here. I am glad you questioned things and determined it was worth it.

  • Just hang in there, Adrienne. There’s so much more coming. So glad you’re in our community and beginning to enjoy its benefits already!!

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