MKE Week 1 – After the Storm!

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I’ve been thinking a lot about storms this week. Maybe because of all of my acquaintances that live near Fort Meyer and are dealing with Ivan down there. Maybe because of the political storm amongst the different parties 40 days out from the mid term election. Or maybe just the personal storm going on inside myself knowing that something has got to change for me to move beyond the mundane.
I have tried the Master Keys experience in the past and I know my application was dismal to say the least and I never made it past the 3rd month. This time is definitely different for me, for what felt like a chore before feels like a blessing today. Maybe it is because of all of the reminders of mortality and so many people that I know that have been dying around me. Maybe it is because a good friend and my mom just happen to be int he hospital tonight as I write this. The years keep passing by and nothing really seems to change.
My determination to do things differently this time has hit me deeply with a desire to really make progress this time. I feel there is real no other choice at this point. I am uncomfortable with my current status of taking the path of least resistance. I am ready to push myself. I am so glad that we can forgive ourselves and have another chance to do it right.
I look forward to completing the work and experiencing the reveal that is unfolded after the storm has come and gone. Those beautiful colors that shine through with the much needed presence of the sun. Just like our infinite power from within is revealed by our higher power.
I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of the storm.

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  • Third time is a charm. Our tribe is here for you during the storms that you encounter, rooting you on to complete your journey.

  • Just go for it with all your heart. When I first did the class, 9 years ago, I did it as though it was life or death. That, I think made a big difference in how everything stuck with me. I did it so hard lol. I am so grateful that you are here again on the journey with me.

  • Welcome back, Heather! It’s your time. Follow through with all the habits and give yourself grace.

  • Great post Heather and welcome back to the courageous adventure! Looking forward to seeing the path that YOU forge this year. And it definitely is beautiful on the other side of the storm.

  • Hello Heather, Welcome back to the MasterKeyExperience. From your blog, I gather you are ready with a fresh commitment to finish what you started. Above you said, “I am ready to push myself.” Good job

  • Thank you Heather! Sometimes we need the storm to shake things up a bit so we open to the truth of ourselves. Welcome back!

  • Wonderful Heather, glad you returned as I and many others have. I am looking forward to seeing your blogs blossom. See you on the other side of the storm.

  • I have lots to say regarding the current state of the union, however, I’ve learned…I’ve learned to see those rainbows, too. That’s one crazy cat, by the way. Great first post, Heather! 🙂

  • I really appreciate your post, Heather – and I’m glad you’re back with us this year. The path of least resistance is uncomfortable because so many people are crowded onto it. You were created to stand out, not blend in – so make your own path – it’s way more comfortable!

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