MKE Week 1 – A Rough Start to the Journey

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This is my third time with MKE. Every time it seems like a lot at first. That is because it is. My DMP needs to be changed, and the blogging must start again, along with all the other tasks. Writing has never been a favored task so procrastination can be an issue for the blog and DMP.

This week, my tendency to procrastinate was aided by some outside issues. The issues were good and not so good. The good thing is that my mom is moving from Chicago to Honolulu next week. Getting the house ready for her to move into has been time-consuming, but for something very good. The bad, I was scammed, and all my bank accounts were compromised. Even though I knew better, I gave away my information. The good part is that I will get back most of the money that was set to leave my account. The bad part was that I had to close all my bank accounts and open new ones. Direct deposits, automatic account payments, and any accounts that used my checking or debit card needed to be updated. This was and still is time-consuming and will probably take a couple of weeks to complete.

As a result, my DMP and blog were late, and many assignments were not fully achieved. After beating myself up for a day or so to allow myself to be scammed and fall behind on my MKE activities, I forgave myself. MKE has taught me that I cannot move forward toward my goals by hanging onto the past and I can’t change the past. Before MKE, I would have held onto my negative emotions for much longer. I have had continuous growth since I started with MKE, sometimes slower than I would like. However, without MKE, that growth wouldn’t have happened at all. So next week will be better along with the rest of my life.

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  • Excellent, John! Seeing the blessings, using the Law of Substitution – you are on your way!

  • John, I am glad it turned out alright in the end. Life does give us lessons daily. It’s great that you are taking control of your mind. Keep it up.

  • Welcome back, John! Isn’t it wonderful that you have all these tools to best navigate through life’s challenges? You’re here because you know it works if you work it.

  • Welcome back John. The past is our teacher and ahead is what we make of it. I look forward to following your journey!!

  • Way to grow, John! Welcome back to the class. So anxious to see what new things happen for you this year!!

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