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After a few days now being a part of the MKE I have noticed a few positive changes in my mornings as of late. I find myself waking up earlier and more vibrant, ready to tackle the day as I have been doing the prescribed activities. As I was reading the Greatest Salesman in the World this morning I noticed the words I had been reading were manifesting in my life “… I will begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before.” Scroll I.

It’s like I can feel the force of the mastermind. I don’t think I would have this same experience without the mastermind principle that is happening in this course. I am not new to group awareness training having taken and taught courses for over 10 years so it is a familiar feeling. I have also read the Master Key previously but have never done it in a mastermind.

So far the best part of the experience to me has been working on the DMP. I love this exercise of writing my own script and it’s been something I have done for years. The difference about MKE is in having the support of a coach and the power being generated by a mastermind feels like having a multiplier effect.

I am having some amazing things happen in terms of business ideas aligning with business partners to create the path of opportunity to manifest my DMP.

I’m happy I made the decision to do this and I look forward to seeing how far I can get in the next few months we are together.

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  • BOOOOYAAAHHH!!!! Man o Man – Love this share Kenan!!!!

    I am a tribe- mate of yours and your expressions here just took me to 110% Happy:) 🙂 🙂

    Great Job Pal and Thank You


  • That is fabulous Kenan! So interesting that you have previously read the Master Ley System. I look forward to your insights as we go along.

  • Sounds like you’ve got a head start on many of us, Kenan. Looking forward to what you’ll be bringing…

  • Kenan, wow–love the awareness you have in just your first week here that the Master Mind you are part of now is making a difference you have not seen while doing similar things for years. Great post!

  • Great blog Kenan! Thank you for sharing your insights! I’m glad you already noticed changes, doing the daily habits. And so much more to come!

  • Hi Kenan, Excited to see the changes you will accomplish through this journey. Enjoyed you blog

  • You are there Kenan, right where you are to be. Dive deep into your mind and let it flow from within to without. See you at the top.

  • You got it, Kenan! So true, the mastermind is a major part of it all. Great job and looking forward to seeing you progress week after week.

  • Kenan, we’re happy you made the decision too. And isn’t it a great gift, just to see little changes happening so quickly! Stand by! So much more to come!!

  • By George, I think he’s got it! Way to go, Kenan, allowing the process to flow through you. Keep up the good work and watch how many more miraculous things “mysteriously” happen.

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