MKE Week 1 – A New Beginning

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Week 1 – A New Beginning

Today marks the start of a new chapter in my life. After working in a laboratory virtually all my life, I have finally realized not all those past jobs have aligned (completely) with my definite major purpose. Maybe, from a materialistic point of view, they did manage to pave my path to a happier life. Now my current position is just a giant pothole (I see in the road ahead of me) that I just cannot avoid. All I can do is grit my teeth and hope the wheels aren’t ripped off the car as I speed over them.
Fortunately, I have the choice to either forge a new path every time I wake up in the morning or keep on the same worn-out path. Sometimes we have a choice (a door magically opens) or others the door is shown to us (as we carry out of all our possessions in a box). If we are lucky, the “do-over” is on our terms. Sometimes the “do-over” is easy. Same job, different company. Other times it pushes us out of our comfort zone whether we are ready or not.
I have decided to do something totally different this time. It will require me to have faith in others and the courage to face some big fears. I will have to make my fear of failure bigger than my fear of taking action. This blog will be a story of my journey overcoming those self-imposed obstacles.

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  • You’re already making progress by being a hero by signing up for this course. Stick with this course and you be amazed at you’ll be able to chip away at that old blueprint. I’m rooting for your success in what you truly desire in your life. Loved reading your post

  • Great blog Michael! You have taken a giant step forward in your journey. That big pothole does not have to rule your future!

  • Michael, bravo! As I read this I was laughing, as you described well what I am also feeling, regarding my job. So, I’m with you on moving forward and trading up to something much more fulfilling and significant! Exciting times ahead!

  • Michael, yes, that’s right, you are on this journey of self-discovery to crack down those cement of self imposed obstacles each step of the way as you realize more and more of who truly are inside. Excited for your “New Beginning”!

  • Great Blog! You expressed very well, for so many who feel the same way. Thank you for allowing the Master Key Experience be part of your life “do over” on your terms!

  • Congrats on your first, and marvelous blog, Michael! You are truly on a wonderful journey and I’m grateful that you’ve decided to do it with Master Key Experience, where you have a dedicated support from guides, staff and members along with tools on the way.

  • Hi Michael, From your blog it looks like you are ready for a change in your life. We are excited to be a part of you discovering your true self.

  • Yes, Michael, it all starts from within, and soon you will bring your life around to the way you dreamed. See you at the top.

  • Terrific recognition that we create our own potholes, Michael. And we can fill them up and smooth them out. Mark and Davene have plenty of tools in store to help with that. Welcome!!

  • Thank you Michael. Looking forward to the journey overcoming those self-imposed obstacles!

  • “I have decided to do something totally different this time.” I think “I decided” are the two most powerful words in the English language! Bravo for deciding to make the change!

  • Yes, embrace the journey, Michael! You have got this and you are not alone. Grateful for your willingness to allow the process to work through you. Wonderful blog!

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