MKE Week 1 – A New Adventure

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Kazam… I’m off on a new adventure of exploration of my inner world.

This is my first week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I’m a bit overwhelmed but adjusting, as I am adding to a reading and meditation practice, I have already begun. Having said that I am really enjoying the content and the stimulation of my imagination.

BTW… This is my first time blogging for real and I don’t really know what to write so I’m just rambling it off.

My experiences this week are experiencing a deeper level of gratitude, and better awareness, by being an observer and expressing thankfulness and kindness to each person I have interacted with (most of the time :)).

I’m especially grateful for the process of developing the new habit of sowing positive constructive thoughts about who and what I want to be into the furrows of my mind.

I’m looking forward to this journey and I know it will be well worth the experience and transformation.

I’m excited to meet the new me, or inner me that’s just been waiting to be revealed.

Be well and enjoy the journey


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  • Your 1st blog says so much! Excited to see your insights as you proceed down this well-lit path.

  • Welcome, Royce! Great job on writing and submitting your first blog. Stick with all the habits and exercises. They all have a purpose and create effortless success and peace in the process.

  • Hi Royce, I am happy you are “experiencing a deeper level of gratitude”
    Welcome to our class. We are looking forward to seeing you experience all the good here.

  • Thank you for your first post! I look forward to seeing the inner you that has been waiting to be revealed!

  • Way to go, Royce! Developing new habits and replacing old habits is possible and done one at a time. Happy to see you on board this new adventure!

  • Royce, welcome and have fun. Understand everything is already inside you. This is just helping you to bring it forward. See you at the top.

  • Bravo Royce on completing your 1st Blog post! Congrats!! Exploring your inner world. I love how you said “sowing positive constructive thoughts” = you are in the right place to learn the skills to do just that. Cheering you on!
    P.S. Great picture of you!

  • Congrats on your first blog! You’ve got the hang of it – write your impression of the lesson, the exercises, and your observations and growth! You’ll be amazed at the end of the six months with how far you’ve come!

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