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I took this course three years ago and right after we ended, Covid started! So, it was great to have something to ground myself with. And then two months later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and two months after that got a promotion at work and went fulltime.

Did I tell you that happened in the middle of doing my radiation treatments? At the age of 70…. I did radiation on my lunch hour. That whole experience seems like a lifetime ago, not just a few short years. Maybe because I then moved to Arkansas from Colorado to be in lower altitude and higher humidity.

And I didn’t know one person here when I moved, at the age of 72… to the land of Wal-Mart. Where are the grocery stores I am used to and love? But it is very beautiful here and my dogs love it.

So for those of you in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s who sometimes feel like life is so hard or when will I know what I want to do or become, or the baby is crying or I can’t help middle schoolers with their math anymore or all the kids are gone…take this experience into your mind, your heart, your soul.

This adventure we have all started together is going to move you, frustrate you, make you think and push you to limits you have never been to. So as hard as it may seem to do for you at any age, LISTEN to what Mark, Davene, Lori and the Guides are telling you, showing you, revealing to you.

They have walked this path many times and know where the hidden pitfalls are. They have been masterminding together for years. I’ve had a hard time this week doing everything as my brother and his wife live in Fort Myers, FL. They were actually at their cabin in TN when they heard the hurricane was coming and drove down to see what they could do for their home.

Since they are 10 miles inland, never dreamed the storm surge would even reach them. But it came so fast they only had minutes to get into their attic, couldn’t grab any paperwork, cash, valuables, nothing but themselves. They spent the night on plywood sheets with no blankets, pillows, food or water. Her son got them out late the next day and they are safe, but not sound.

Their experience, just like everyone else being affected by Hurricane Ian, showed them how precious life is and how fast it all can be taken away. Your precious life can be changed by this MasterKey experience if you allow it in.

Do it.

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  • welcome Debby – so glad you are here & doing it !:)
    As you point out, this adventure is going to move you in many wonderful ways !

  • Such sage advice, Debby. Thanks for sharing your story. Sending prayers to your family and all those affected by Hurrican Ian in Lee County.

  • Hi Debby, Your blog was so well written. Sometimes we have to go through the storm to realize how quickly things can change. I too am in my 70’s glad you are here. Looking forward to this journey with you

  • Debby, I pray for your continued health. I understand what you went through with cancer.
    Glad your family is safe.
    Retaking the MKE must be what you needed at this time, embrace it.
    See you at the top.

  • Debby!! So glad you are back with us this year! Your journey of perseverance is inspiring! Continued prayers for all effected by Ian.

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