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What a whirlwind of a journey it has been over the last five and a half months. One thing that can unequivocally with enthusiasm is that the system of colors work. If my phraseology confuses you, let me clarify, this self directed training which helps you to understand your personality colors absolutely works.

My discovery of my color code, helped to understand why I have a certain natural disposition. What was not unknown to many, was that I did not fully accept my color code score at first. While the test made sense, I was not sure about the outcome so I secretly took the test on three separate occasions. In the second instance, I went rouge and asked my mother for her input to see if as one of my historical primary observers, the feedback would change my color code. It didn’t! The tool absolutely worked. On multiple levels, my natural investigative skills was tested by tools provided in the journey.

This journey of self discovery has created the opportunity for me to engage with myself in ways that I never considered prior, and often was uncomfortable when executed the first time. Some activities took and few months to grow on me, and then they are the oxidized cement layers of some habits that are a work in progress. The oxidized layers continue to fall away as I persistent in the “hard mental work” – yes, progress requires work.

The beauty of this journey is that our faithfulness to the exercises pay off. Someone gently reminded of the need to be patient with yourself while being persistent. It is my experience that as I persisted with the materials and the practices, the dialog with my operating system started to product results. Then I noticed more and more synchronicities.

Just this past week, I was offered two paths on a project, one that involved cooperation, the other involved completion. As I was contemplating the path to take, and while the battle between heart and head raged, I participated in the screening on of movie. One of the primary take aways from the movie was that humans are designed for cooperation, not competition. What are the chances that I would be asked a question and within minutes had enough data to analyze to help me see the potential consequences of the decision I was about to take?

I am thankful to the universe, that I earned the merit to experience training and a community, while there’s nothing like it, on this earth.

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  • Great work, Theo! I find it interesting that so much can be learned about ourselves and others by taking a test! It’s easy to not trust the results, and be skeptical. (Are we so easily analyzed?) Now that you have taken the extra effort to prove it out, I expect now it will be much more meaningful and useful to you for the future.

  • Theo, thanks for sharing all this with our Master Mind! I love that you seem to be easily attracting synchronicities to you, including being able to explore the “I AM” movie just when you had received an offer for which you needed specific input/guidance to match the current journey. Congrats on your hard work–even to making SURE you had the right results on your Color Code quiz! Cheering you on to more and more!

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