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No webinar this week. There are still plenty of things to do. It is nice not getting extra things to do for a week.

I did love the power poses video by Amy Cuddy. I had never thought of using power poses to increase confidence. I have raised my arms in the air, crossing a finish line a few times, crossing the finish line in Ironman races. I did not win those races but finishing those is winning as far as I am concerned.

I know that feeling; however, I never thought of doing that pose to boost my confidence. It makes sense. Feeling the emotion without the event is like feeling the emotion of achieving your dream before your dream is realized.

My shoulder surgery prevents me from doing many power poses. So, I do what I can for two minutes. The video and doing a power pose for two minutes made me aware of my body language during the day. So now I catch myself with closed body language, and I change to a more open body language position. This week, I have been doing an excellent job of seeing myself and changing my body language. I can feel the difference in my attitude when I change my body language. What a simple and effective tool in the toolbox. Two minutes on a power pose and a few seconds several times a day. I very much like this easy time efficient tool. I’m always grateful for new efficient tools.

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  • “Feeling the emotion without the event is like feeling the emotion of achieving your dream before your dream is realized.”
    That’s a great principle to remember John. See it as if it’s already achieved!
    You are a winner! (I agree with Arlene!)

  • That’s great John, I love that you are taking the power pose exercise beyond, into observing and adjusting your body language. And congratulations on being an Ironman! Any finisher is a winner in my books:)

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