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Energetic shifts are the ones that matter. When I think about the things lacking in my life I am often struck with how important they are and experience an initial desire for things to change and a longing for the desired shift that feels almost painful.

Recently I have begun to sit back from that feeling and decide that if I am longing for a shift in myself there is no reason I can’t hold on to that feeling and enforce a shift starting now.

I have been feeling as though I want to be a more caring generous person. “Wow,” I would think, “I want to be a more caring generous person, when will I be that?” And instead of choosing to shift I would question “why am I not a generous person?” And “wouldn’t it be great if I were a more caring person?” And totally lose sight of making that change.

But recent I have thought, “wow I would like to be more caring” and remembered that I am in control and that the present moment is the birthplace of change and decided that I could make that shift in the here and now. So wanting this became “I choose to be a more kind and generous person now.” And then “I am a kind and generous person.” Within a matter of moments, I felt lighter and brighter and more aligned with who I am.

It turns out the world sensed the change in me as well and immediately sent strangers towards me who all wanted to chat and get to know me. I gave them my focus and energy and felt the joy of connection to reinforce my subtle energetic shift. Now is all we have. Now can be the birthplace of the deepest change in our lives.

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  • “I can be what I will to be”.
    The ‘I Am’ is so powerful and such a supportive statement about yourself. Such a great change in your thought pattern Aschel.
    Watch the miracles happen!!

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