MKE Week 19 – No internet meant no TV

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The 3 weeks last to pass have come with many obstacles and challenges, yet they were all immediately met with resolve. In most cases that resolve came from place that one would’ve never suspected or thought of.

The most important of all the obstacles was being without the internet for almost 3 weeks and thus having zero TV! It must’ve been about 5 or 6 weeks back when Mark made a mention about cutting the cord on the TV, in essence taking a break from All television for a week. I wasn’t able to do that in that manner at that time. But with my 700 mile move, then no internet, I found what that meant to be free of those distractions for much more than just a week!

I have really discovered what me ever evolving future me likes the most and it has zero to do with polluting my mind watching the television!!!

I mean imagine what it would be like to have silence, constant silence to Really reflect on your you, your present and future you, or even just the future you. The reverberating words from the future you telling you how much your blissful life has changed the lives of not only yourself, but if all those around you as well!

The calm and peaceful universe that usually seemed or seems to be chaotic and unrepressed is all suddenly the harmonious and blissful reality that the MKE spoke to you about. It’s become a wondrous place that you have now welcomed as a part of your authentic and undivided you…

And suddenly all things both big and small and even all things in between become as one, they all become a part of that evolutionary existence you were looking for that is called your future you!

Then as a direct and indirect result of that time well spent with your present and mostly with your future you had become of you, it is you! Your eyes finally open to the creations of yourself and no longer that of the world that cemented you for all time before the present and future moments.

You’ve finally become free of all restraints and you can be whoever and whatever you choose to be, free of any doubt and without any prejudice or the likes. You have found your future you and you know that you are the one and only architect of yourself!

No internet meant no TV and that was certainly fine by the future me… I’m finally Free!!

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  • Great example of your work and an inspiration to so many of us; this works when applied!

  • Be the Solution is exactly what you did during the last several weeks.

    Keeping the end in mind, which already had lived in your vision for months before…

    “I want to break Free” by Queen comes to mind when you refer to no technology.Queen bass player John Deacon wrote this from the male perspective of the women’s liberation movement. This song became an anthem for the ANC in South Africa in the late ’80s when Nelson Mandela was still in jail and the white government’s apartheid policies were still in place

    Kinda like ourselves, silence is the key to our thoughts and listening to what the universe has in store for us.

  • Can’t recall the last time I watched the news, that was cut out long B4 being without the internet. I couldn’t handle all that crap they feed the world!
    But there was certainly a Netflix addiction going on B4 the last 3 weeks came to be! Very eye opening…

  • I agree with you Drew, I love the amazing sound of the silence when I am doing the sit and everything is calm Thank you!

  • What a relief to be able to break free of the TV. It tries to suck you in and not let go. Most of what comes on TV is garbage, especially the news.

  • Congrats Drew! Way to apply The Law of Dual Thought and attach a new, more empowering meaning to “no internet or tv”. Your future you is thrilled!! Kudos for applying the Master Key principles.

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