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Follow Your Heart and Trust

On Dec. 22, 2022, I met with my guide, Candy Sheffield, and her mentor, Day Boswell, with the intention of helping me re-write my DMP. After a few very thought-provoking questions, they helped me realize what should NOT be on my DMP and quickly identified what was really in my heart to do. The truth is, I never wanted to verbalize my dream because I had no idea how I would even begin to make that happen. They both assured me that I didn’t have to know how it was going to happen; I just had to write it down as if it was going to happen.

Fast forward, to last Thursday, February 2nd, my friend Jan flew in from Hawaii for my daughter’s baby shower. I picked her up from Portland, Or. airport, and because I wasn’t working at the water store, (a whole other story), I was free to go to Bremerton, WA with her for the night.

Immediately after getting her bags in the car, we excitedly hopped on to I-5 and headed north. After 3+ hours we arrived in Bremerton. Her longtime friend was there from the East Coast. Surprised to drive up to the Embassy Suites and find waiting for us our two-bedroom suite paid for. We had a great visit with Rita and Steve.

Friday, we drove back down to Troutdale, and checked into the Airbnb I had rented for my daughter’s baby shower. We rearranged, decorated, brought in tables and chairs, and prepped as much as we had the energy for. Early Saturday, we arranged the food, favors, photo book, drinks, etc……. And at exactly 12:30 guests began arriving. Great event! My daughter (23), the youngest in the family, hosted the event and got many compliments!

The plan, for Saturday night and Sunday was the cleanup and spend time with Jan who was scheduled to leave on Monday. My plan after I dropped her off at the airport, was to swing back to the house and finish cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and mopping. Then the house would be ready to be returned.

Early Sunday morning; I was excited, surprised to watch as God unfolded a new plan.

A little bit about me, I’m very much into natural health, and healing outside of allopathic medicine. Summer of 2022 for the first time I heard of the Energy Enhancement Light system. Created by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, back in the 90s; the technology made its public debut on a membership-only alternative health platform. Ever since I heard about it; I have dreamed of being part of bringing one near me.

I have been talking about this technology to Jan, who, last summer was in the hospital for about 10 days with diverticulitis, needed surgery, and still has not completely recovered.

I mentioned this in passing when we were in Bremerton, with no definite response. On Sunday morning, I brought it up again knowing she was booked on a flight leaving the next morning. At that time, she said she was open to going to Bothell, WA to check this out.

I immediately emailed the facility explaining Jan’s health situation. Unfortunately, Vitality was closed on Sundays, so I didn’t expect much. However, I also left a phone message. Within 5 minutes of my phone call, as Jan was ready to step out the door to be gone for the day, Tina, (owner of Vitality Lounge) calls me and said she does have space available for us if we could get there. I briefly explained my friend’s health, and the time sensitivity on this and told her we’ll make a few phone calls and I’ll get back to her.

After several phone calls on my part, I knew we could secure the flights and hotel accommodations. Now, I needed to wait until I hear Jan was able to change her flights.

Mid-afternoon, I get a call from Jan, “Yes! I can change my flights.” Within the next 1 ½ hours, I had our tickets purchased, and hotel reservations are done. She got a car reserved! We were set, Bothell, here we come!

Suddenly, the focus shifted. Pack for Seattle and transport all other items to their perspective homes: the tables, chairs, food, and decorations are all out of this house, and the house is cleaned up! Finally went to bed at 2:00 am and rested for a couple of hours.

Monday morning, I started cleaning at 6:00. The whole house was cleaned outside of one bed that needed fresh sheets, a little vacuuming, and mopping. “I will come back on Wednesday to do all that.”

We left the house in plenty of time, were able to unload my car at my house, and head to the airport. The interesting thing we both noticed, were ahead just enough to beat all the crowds; the TSA line, at the boarding gate, and even getting the rental car. Energy Enhancement Light System here we come!

Everything happened so quickly. Before we knew it, we were sitting under the Energy Enhancement light system. Was I excited to be experiencing the amazing healing I only dreamed of and heard about? Yes! Absolutely!

One thing I do know, many inexplicable things happened from Sunday through Wednesday. (it happens all the time typically, but when we are together it happens to a greater degree.) Do you think it is because of our combined expectations and a combined increased sense of adventure?

Since our visit, I know and understand what the Energy Enhancement light system feels like. I have made personal connections with people who are great resources for me. I found out that there is an online class available for a nominal price given by the creator of the system Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. I feel I know my next baby steps at least.

This week in Hannel he talks about thought energy and how powerful thoughts are in creating our reality. In the Bible, James talks about, “when you ask, you must believe and NOT doubt,” …… a person who doubts is to me what Hannel refers to as fear. Faith and fear are powerful energies. I love experiencing what we are learning in my everyday life!

I want to thank Candy and Day for noticing what’s really in my heart and giving me the courage to put it on paper. I am thankful for the MKE system that gives me the tools to keep me on my Hero’s Journey, even though I am still taking only baby steps; I am moving in the right direction. Victory!

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  • Wow I honestly feel as if I went on the journey with you lol mahalo for the great share – the inexplicable things…

  • Terri, You have so much passion and drive. We couldn’t be any luckier to have you share your dream with us. You have done all the hard work!! <3

  • Thank you for your comment and encouragement. I am laughing inside because I have so many tech issues going on right now…. no phone just for starters…… But I saw this message. God is good and he is so present.

  • Terri, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. Candy and I just asked questions. You did the hard mental labor that others refuse to do to make this happen. I’m so excited that you shared how this beautiful lotus is beginning to bloom!! Doing my happy dance!!

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