MKE Week 19 – Color Code, wow! What a workshop!

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The color code workshop was so amazing and powerful!

I took the time to listen to it and start delving into the material. I even spoke with some friends and they went and determined their colors. Now when they are interacting with others, they are asking me what color do I think the person.

I shared Day’s story and the power of understanding people and being able to relate to them using the color system. Stories have such a way to help and inspire people even those who didn’t listen to the story firsthand.

It has helped me understand that my husband’s color code is white and all that comes with that. I now understand how he needs to have all the facts before making a decision whereas I literally jump and then figure it out later. Is that why I like skydiving and he not so much?

It has helped me be more patient instead of falling into the old patterns. And my stating how in gratitude I am with what he is capable of doing due to his health issues, he looks at me strangely at times. I think he wonders who this person is.

And knowing that my oldest son is mostly blue is helpful. And seeing the slide that reinforced that he will be all right. That was so helpful. I read the book Quiet many years back and this helped my parenting and this program is another way to help and understand.

My youngest hasn’t taken the color code test yet, so I am not sure what color he is. I suspect that he has all four colors mostly balanced inside of him. I will find out when he does the test.

And to see the people around me and have an idea what color they are, wow that is great.

This is a work in progress but isn’t everything?

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  • Suzette, I love how you are a leader and still a student.

    This brings joy to my heart as I see this in you and in so many in the MKE.

  • I agree with Jennifer…. practicing the skills immediately is a wonderful reinforcement!

  • Such and eye opener when put into practice and the results are amazing to be understood.

  • Wow, great, Suzette, how you were able to apply what you’ve learned in the Color Code training with your family and friends! Practice makes perfect! Way to go!

  • Absolutely everyday is an opportunity to progress. The color code training was amazing and really love your blog post! Thank you.

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed the Color Code workshop Suzette. Even better, right away you started to apply the skills- Bravo!!! Thrilled to hear you could identify ways to appreciate and understand your husband’s actions/responses better. We need all the colors for sure- its so helpful to have an understanding of colors that are different from ours…so when people respond differently than we might, we have a better grasp on why “they do what they do”. And to apply the skills to interact with your kiddos- fantastic. Congrats on practicing right away- the skills will become more natural and best part we can apply them to every interaction we have with people. Win-win for everyone. Yahhhhhooooo!!!

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