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“There is one true story that tells your cells where you’re really from, and you get to Stay in that Story, unwrap that story, the love story that’s been coming for you since the very beginning —- one each of need to know in the marrow of our bones, to heal the cracks of our broken hearts:

You are from out of this world and you are birthed from the love dance of the Trinity, and you are from the breath that breathes whole galaxies and from the imagination that strings up the stars.

You are from I AM and manna and miracles and bread and wine made into more, and you are reborn at the tree of Calvary and renamed because your name has always been on His lips and etched right into His skin.

You are from holy ground and Mount Zion and hope that rolls back stones to always keep rising and you are from Holy Spirit and Son of Man and Abba Father and and you are from Love, and you, and Love, both, are never going to end.

Your realest story is that you’re from relentless resurrections and split seas and walking on waves and littlest loaves and fishes always multiplied and the smallest mustard seeds of faith made into impossible mountain movers.

You’re from the smile of God and His infinite delight in you that moves Him to crooning love songs over your soul.

You are from glory, through glory, to glory, so all is gloriously well, you living a glory story from this moment right into forever and always, without end.”

Ann Voskamp

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  • I don’t care who wrote it (yet I do!), Teresa. It came from your heart, so it belongs to all of us. Thanks a trillion for your Week 9! 🙂

  • Thank you, Teresa. An excellent reminder who created us and that He only creates what is good. Love it, trust it, embrace it, and live it.

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