MKE Week 9 – Working with a Mastermind

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MKE Week 9 Working with a Mastermind
I promise to: 1. Helping Others. 2: Recognition for Creative Expression

My life began to change last March as I formed a mastermind relationship with a gentleman in my business.. He was years ahead of me when it came to visualizing his future self and the actions he needed to take to become his desired future self. Initially, I didn’t have the vision that he had, but he saw the leader in me that I didn’t see and began to share his vision with me.

We worked together daily toward a definite purpose of building a system that would benefit all members of our company, uniting the “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM” vision of the future. It didn’t matter whose downline /upline/cross line a person was in; we were there to assist and unite everyone as a cohesive unit. Our purpose was to help all so that none were left behind.

I believed in that vision and began to apply a dedicated firm commitment to accomplishing it.

We worked together with another gentleman as another member of our mastermind and opened a zoom room which was intended to help company members that needed more in-depth, one-on-one, small group training. We complemented each other’s skills and abilities. We were taking the responsibility of this goal of helping others without thought of receiving anything from them.

We are still enthusiastic about our purpose and excited that we have the power within us to create our lives and to help others gain the clarity of their own future selves. This is still a work in progress intended to extend into the future .

I always keep my promises.
Jeanne Toni Breland

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  • Great idea, Toni! Sounds like that will be impactful and help many! Looking forward to hearing more!

  • Hi Toni, i really appreciate this share of working with coworkers in a mastermind. It is awesome to hear of your experience and how it is working. thank you so much xoxo

  • There is such power in the Mastermind and you are demonstrating exactly that and helping others with it!
    Toni, that’s wonderful!

  • Way to go, Toni, that is the correct thing to continue to do. Pat yourself on the back.

  • Hi Toni, you are an inspiration and I see you flourishing every day. Giving without reciprocity concerns. Thanks!

  • There’s nothing much more powerful than a true mastermind, Toni. Glad you found one before being left behind! 🙂

  • How awesome to be in touch with your purpose and where you want to go with it, Toni. Thank you so much for sharing! I imagine you’ll inspire others to choose their purpose and go all in on it.

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