MKE Week 9 – To be or not to be

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MKE Week 9 – To be or not to be

Searching for a mastermind partner has been an awesome experience. Approaching the process from a business mindset, I chose to make it similar to a job interview. In my opinion, yes opinion, this needs to be very important person, because together we will be making positive changes to both of our lives.

Setting out certain criteria was crucial to connecting with the right person or people in my life. I wrote out a list of what I felt was important for best results for everyone involved. I considered very carefully who I put on my call list, wrote out what I wanted to ask, read it over several times, and started connecting with these people. What happened next surprised me.

From the top of my list, I called up my best friend, who also happens to be my biological brother, and I asked him to be an accountability partner of mine, he declined almost immediately, saying he wasn’t the best fit for what I was looking for. I was a little disappointed but I respect him for his candid honesty.

I made several more calls and the responses all ended with the same result… No. I started to question myself. Do I need to rethink or lower my expectations? Was I asking the correct questions? Was I explaining what I was looking for correctly?

After I had pondered and prayed on this, the answer came to me loud and clear right after I told the guy in the glass “I love you”. It has to be the right person, and I am not asking too much. This is my life and only the right person will do, I deserve it

I have to be able to look myself in the eyes. The people that have said no to me have only said no to masterminding with me and not to me as a person. There is a bigger picture, and I have to envision it.

Long story short. I have connected with not one, but three people who have committed to mastermind with me all in different areas of my life. One for our faith life, one for our family life, and one for our business life. Already there has been some crossover between these areas and I believe it is all for the good of everyone involved.

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I am a glass-half-full family man. A servant-leader with a passion to help others live a life of health, wealth and happiness.

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  • What an awesome way to go about finding a mastermind partner Robert. You are right. It has to be the right person, and you are not asking too much. This is your life and only the right person will do, you do deserve it!! Bravo to you for finding three!

  • And Robert maybe there is someone who Life will send to you that will challenge your thoughts and mastermind.

  • Robert, it was great to read that you took a step back and realized what was needed and stuck to it, and glad to hear you found not one but three people who promise to be there for you. Congratulations, job well done.

  • “All for one. One for all,” Robert. “Together we stand. Divided we fall.” Thanks for your Week 9! 🙂

  • Valuable post Robert! Time to celebrate and acknowledge your persistence in selecting your Mastermind partner(s). Looking forward to hearing how valuable these connections are in your Journey. Bravo!!

  • Wow, that is great, Robert, you gave me some good ideas now. Thanks and best wishes for your new Master Mind Alliances!

  • Well done for sticking to what you wanted. Reading your post reminded me of the ““I bargained with Life for a penny, and Life would pay no more” poem.

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