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I will Start this entry off by saying that Part Nine of the Master Key, by Charles Haanel, is among my favorites.

What is most impressive and inspiring to me is the mantra of the crippled body who grew to be a man of good health and against the odds at that. This mantra is found in line 11, which states in part, “…I am; whole, perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy…”

This example shed light on the power of our own thoughts and even more deeply, the power of our feelings. I am reminded that every word coming from our mouth is a mantra or a prayer. Every thought is a way to ‘Identify’ myself. Every feeling is what engages and reinforces that thought. This is a spiritual truth and it is humbling to connect with its power.

If I have created the life I now lead, the results which are from my past and informed by my subconscious, and even if I do not like what I see, I am excited! Why? Because understanding that I have already created what I see means that I have the power to change what I don’t like. WOW!

Part Nine of Master Key reminds us that we can change the results by flooding the subconscious with a new reality, through changing our thoughts continuously, and reinforcing that with the words we speak while also applying feelings to each thought, we can change our own programming into what we want. We must apply effort through our imagination, but as we get skilled, as we reinforce, we are shifting and utilizing the Law of Growth!

I further enjoyed that our sit had us focus on the seed that became the flower. This process is so appropriate since we have seen the seed of the life we love, and we now get to imagine it much like the seed growth, down into the roots as well as the eventual flower reaching for the sun.

I now find myself craving the shapes and what they represent, the vision of the life I want, the feelings I want and making friends with my own future self. I love the effort to remain in no opinion and the mental diet. It has kept me out of conversations that only lead to nowhere.

“It is up to each of us”, this statement takes on a new meaning of empowerment. I am feeling the feelings more often and this is so, so exciting. xoxo

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I love being in nature, spending time with children, (my granddaughter), and family and friends. I love deep and meaningful conversations that up level life experience. I am the founder of Full Life Wellness LLC and The Resilient Mama Movement. As a mom of 4 (and more) I am keenly aware of the importance of the parenting experience. My passion is to inspire and empower moms, so that she can mentor her children and, the future of our planet, from her overflow in ‘response' to life and stand in here resilience.

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  • Yes I relate to the endless convos whenever opinions are involved. What a freedom to be free of opinions or have positive opinions when asked, instead of combative and lengthy dialogue as a result of them. It’s wonderful not to have to engage in that! Great blog xx

  • Great Blog Laura, I love the mantra too, “I am; whole, perfect strong powerful loving harmonious, and happy” Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Laura, Your Blog is full of the positive that is in your life. The mantra that you have shared here is powerful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Laura, it is awesome to read how you are achieving and empowering your life with MKE, keep up the good work.

  • I agree with you, Laura, this chapter is the best so far, for the same reasons you mentioned. Thanks for sharing and may those seed ideas of yours grow and blossom abundantly. xoxo

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