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This week I’ve not been the best at doing my work. I find that when I get busy with my career, I tend to slide. I know it’s a matter of being more organized.

A few of my takeaways written below in my stream of conscious writing as usual. lol

I did manage to manifest more of my PPN’s.

1. I firmed up 2 real estate deals last night. They had called me out of the blue a month ago and decided on a whim to move – I believe it was due to karma. I had been putting a lot of energy into my cold calling and I was being rewarded. (green triangle)

2. I bought a super fun air hockey table last week (yellow square)

3. Most importantly, I turned away a potential client because I could tell they were going to be energy vampires. What a liberating feeling. 🙂

Years ago, I used to read all of my school work into a recorder and listen to it when travelling to sports training. I would get to the point where I could recite the course material. I love the idea of recording myself reading my mini DMP and chose the music “never enough” from the Greatest Showman.

This month’s chapter of OG has been the most rewarding. Every time I find myself thinking negatively I keep repeating “I greet this day with Love”. It’s such a small thing, but makes a huge difference. I read OG every night out loud to my husband and he’s loving the readings. He even wants a photocopy of Scroll 2 so he can keep reading it when we move on. How cool is that??!!

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  • Very cool that things are manifesting for you Loriann and it is awesome that your husband is enjoying the process also.

  • I loved reading your share for the week. Thank you. i find myself repeating the words of ‘I greet this day with love in my heart” and i smiled upon reading you share it as i do each time i read it in our readings.. than you, Loriann

  • I love “I greet this day with love”, it is so empowering! Good job this week with manifesting karma and doings things that liberates you.

  • I looove how your husband loves your reading of Og so much. Isn’t it awesome to notice the changes in the people around us because of the MKE? I think that is the best part so far. xoxo

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