MKE Week 9 – The Law of Substitution in Action

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Week 9 occurred during the week of Thanksgiving. I happened to be hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year for 38 adult family members and 8 little kids. I also was babysitting my 7 and 6 year old grandchildren for the two days before Thanksgiving and my 5 year old grandchild lives with me. So that made 3 very high energy personalities running amok.

My college age daughter was coming home for the week and my high school age daughter was off for most of the week and I still had to get my work for work work done, if that makes sense. So it was a busy, high energy week of cleaning, working, cooking and Christmas decorating.

Thanksgiving morning is always chaotic when you have your large family coming over. Cooking involves big quantities. For example, it’s not just a pan of mashed potatoes. It’s 20 pounds of mashed potatoes and then everything else.

I was cooking, kids were running and screaming, dogs were barking, garbage seemed to be obeying the law of growth – everywhere, and my helper (my sister) was no where to be found.

This is where I noticed the Law of Substitution. At this point, I noticed the old me popping up and saying things like, “Why do I do this every year?” “This is way too hard!” Never Again!” In my defense, if I need to defend myself, it probably was because I was tired. I stayed up way too late watching a tear jerker movie with my grandkids.

But then I stopped myself. I am trying to, I am thinking only positive thoughts! Family is what makes life so great. Cooking for a crowd is fun. How lucky I am to have grandkids. I choose to be happy. I am happy. I am running a new paradigm not the old one.

This changed my whole outlook on the day. It was a busy day and a great day. I remembered to be thankful for everything in my day and everyone in my life. Instead of poor me it was flipped to, wow am I lucky!

This was the moment I noticed that yes I am changing my thinking and I am so excited to move forward.

On to week 10.

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  • There’s a lot we didn’t learn about in school. Aren’t you glad you learned it here?!? 🙂

  • Veronica congratulations, keep it up. You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

  • Entertaining post Veronica! Bravo for putting the Law of Substitution in play!! Making the application. My favorite line of your blog: “garbage seemed to be obeying the law of growth” lol!

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