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It’s the moment or moments that we often call an “aha” moment. Maybe because it’s in those times that you have a glimpse of what’s really inside of you! Your core being, the basis of everything you that you had been created for!

As our minds begin to open a little more, for a time we might think to ourselves “did I cause or manifest” this or that in my life? Maybe we even dwell on that for a bit… Then the realization that we’d spent so much time with cement poured on us that we couldn’t have known what we now know today! So here comes the “aha’ moment: We now have the ability to shed that cement, crack the concrete off of our boots and begin to walk our path into our true destiny!

In those moments we realize that we had been born with an infinite set of abilities! Yet we were taught in a way that cemented that. No Longer shall we remain cemented to the ground! Learning to find our ultimate self, our true calling in life! MKE came to us at that precise moment that we needed it and no one, nothing can prevent us from becoming our true destined self!

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  • Core, that beautiful word comes to me in so many ways, and every day this precious moment of my life. Thanks for giving it to me again, this lovely morning. My Core being greets your Core being in that place where we are all One. Namaste

  • no one, nothing can prevent you from becoming your true destined self Andrew ! .. no one !!

  • Yes, Drew, I love this firm determination, “MKE came to us at that precise moment that we needed it and no one, nothing can prevent us from becoming our true destined self!”. I totally agree with this statement because this is so true and I believe so.

  • I love what sounds like complete commitment, Andrew. That in mind, there is no doubt about your ultimate success! 🙂

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