MKE Week 9 – Mystery Of The Master Keys

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Not Long Ago I Read “ Think And Grow Rich”. It Is An Awesome Book And I Really Enjoyed It But Still Felt Like It Was Somewhat Vague And That Something Was Missing ( At This Point I Hadn’t Yet Come Across The Workbook) But Still Felt Like I Do When Listen To Tony Robbins Or Any Other Motivational Speaker For That Matter, I Am Excited, I Believe, I Am Ready To Grab The World By The Horns And By Golly, Change My Frickin’ Life!!

It’s……..Just…Well….How Do I Do That? Where Do I Start? Beside Buying More Of Their Products, What’s The First & Next Steps?? Pretty Much Dismissed It After That, I Didn’t See The Hype Surrounding The Book Everyone Said Was The Greatest Thing In The World. Later I Was Scrolling IG ( Kind Of A Positive Activity For Me, It’s How I Found Out About World’s Laziest Networker, And The MKE, After All). So Here’s The Dude Talking About The Truth About TAGR!! I Thought, WTF, The Truth About TAGR??? I Am Intrigued!! I Must Know More!! Plus The Dude Seemed Super Cool And Saying Stuff Like “Peace Out”, I Say Peace Out, Still!! So I Love Conspiracies (At The Very Least For Entertainment) And Ancient Mysteries!!

So The Way Mark J Presented The Truth About TAGR, Mentioning Something To The Effect Of TAGR Was A Plagiarism Of Another Older, Wiser, Superior Book and Hill Made It All Up, And Left Out The Really Important Stuff!! For That Moment I Actually Felt My Intuition, It Was Simultaneously Pissed Off And Validated!!!

“I Knew It!!” I Shouted At The Top Of My Lungs, Inside My Head!!! I Flippin’ Knew Something Was Missing From TAGR!!! Frickin’ Knew It!! Then Mark Mentioned “The Master Key System”!! Suddenly In My Mind It Became “The Mystery Of The Master Keys”!! (Ancient Mystery Mind)

What Is This Master Key System You Speak Of?? Was It Intentionally Covered Up Because It Offered Something Of Supreme Value?? Hmmmm? Was Hill In On It?? Hmmmm? (Conspiracy Mind) . I Must Know More!! (Yo, Mark… That Truth About TAGR Series Is Forkin’ Fire, Dude!!) So Then I Watched The 3 Video Series About The Boxes, The One With The Action Box. Hope Isn’t A Strategy, That One………..MIND BLOWN!!!!!! As My Favorite Italian Gangsters Like ToSay………. “Fahgitabotit”!! Game Over!! Please Take My Money Cause I Needs Ta Know More!!! But It Was Only A Dollar!! And The Rest, My Friends, Is History!!

So Far The MKS As Taught By The MKE Is Everything I Thought It Would Be And So Much More!!! This May Sound Strange But I Feel Like It’s What Has Been Missing From My Life.. Familiar Uncertainty, Like Hanging Out With Your Lifelong Best Friend But
You’ve Got Amnesia.

I Don’t Know If The MKS Was Ever Intentionally Hidden Away From The GeneralPublic (I Mean You Can Buy It Anywhere) But I Do Think It’s Wild That Mr. Haanel Was Among Many Other Titles, Was A Freemason And A Rosicrucian (Both Fraternal, Secret Societies) Who May Have Violated Oaths, Punishable By Death To Give Us The Wisdom Of The Ages!?? (Ancient Mystery/Conspiracy Brain) Probably Not, But Still An Awesome Story!! Apologies If Reading This Has Lowered Your Intelligence Or Wasted Your Time.

I Love You Guys, You’re All Forkin’ Awesome!! Peace!!

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  • Chris, that’s good. I love it. I’ll bet you have been thinking about that for awhile. Going around in circles not sure what direction is next. Finding the MKE, do you think that was a coincidence, or luck? There’s no such thing as a “coincidence”.

  • Engaging post Chris! I love hearing how members found their way to the MasterKey community. Cheering you on as you embrace your Journey!

  • Chris, it takes you to do it, so congratulations on a job well done. If you didn’t take the step you wouldn’t be writing now.

  • I love your writing, funny and entertaining… and also SO TRUE and RELATABLE! It’s great hearing your story of how you came to find us all here! Keep up the great work!

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