MKE Week 9 – Law of Substitution

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Implementing the Law of Substitution

This week I found myself implementing the Law of Substitution successfully. Early this year an offer was made on my home here in the Bahamas. It was a international buyer so it took some time to vet the offer and satisfy government regulations.

A deposit was made and the process began. Last month the buyer requested an extension of the closing date, which was granted with some additional monetary requirements. The extended closing date was November 18, 2022. Well the due date was not met and the buyer has been notified of a 14 day balance due date or lose the deposit.

I personally could have had a very disappointment and negative attitude toward this situation, but instead I took a positive one and glorified my God. Certainly He has a better plan for me, so I am going to be still and patient and see just what He has in store for me. I am not worried and I will not fret, for He will work all things out for my good. I will just relist the home and see what happens.

Today and every day I give thanks and praise to my God most high for all that He has blessed me with throughout my life. As an 80 year young person, I am in the best of health, living out my life’s dreams daily and continue to move forward toward the next phase of my life. I lack for nothing. Not only am I blessed, but each member of my family is blessed. I have so much to be grateful for.

I am not stepping back in my setback. I greet this day with love in my heart. I never allow my soul to be complacent or satisfied. I feed it with meditation and prayer. I always keep my promises.

Meet Jacqueline Maynard-Campbell

Entrepreneur, Certified Wholistic Health Coach, and Cruise and Travel Consultant, Jacqueline's background includes management in corporate America, retail administration and Bahamian tourism. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, known as "Champion Grandma", fulfilling her purpose to Empower Generations!

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  • What a fantastic spin of something that could have ruined your day/week/month and instead, taking a positive approach. (I hope you made a little money as a result, the right person will purchase your property) Thanks for sharing!

  • I LOVE this blog post, Jacqueline! You are really applying the MKE lessons, and you are right, something better is just around the corner, I can feel it!

  • Jacqueline, way to go working things out in your mind and allowing life not to control you but you control yourself in that life. Well done, keep up the great work.

  • Attitude is not just an attitude, but also an altitude; and you are astral! Thanks for your Week 9, Jacqueline! 🙂

  • Beautiful blog Jacqueline. Applying the mental skills you have learned in the MKE to live the Life you choose. Wonderful! You are an inspiring 80 year young person for sure!!

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