MKE Week 9 – Keep on Growin’

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Influencing our subby through what we’ve been learning, The Seven Laws of the Mind, is so incredible, it’s almost magical!

But it is We, I, who is in control! I can attach any feeling to a thought I choose! That is huge!! I am not a victim, I guide the ship!

What we think about grows! And since that is the case, it is so important to think thoughts that drive my DMP, take out all distractions and others opinions, I am on a mission, I am living life on purpose, I am manifesting my DMP and I am influencing my subby because it has no defense against my voice!

Recording our DMP and integrating multiple laws at the same time is super powerful!! I am grateful to this MKE system, it works when we take action, unlike motivational speakers, which are great to listen to, but it is so true, they leave out this very critical piece!! I am addicted to these teachings, it definitely has become a part of my life!!

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  • Such a great blog Maria! So much truth in our journey to bettering ourselves. The 7 Laws are so incredible & magical…..I agree!!!

  • Hey Maria,
    I’m not a victim, I guide this ship! so incredible right?? This was a huge hit for me as well.

  • Bam! You’ve got this! Yet you’ve known that all along. Thanks for being the only guide to submit a blog in this forum! 🙂

  • It truly is magical, Maria Rose. And so are you! Definitely, keep growing. I can’t wait to see the next marvelous things you allow to manifest!

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