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Today we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States and I realized I am dealing with some strongholds, some mindsets that aren’t mine.

Briefly, I have some family members who speak of the negative things that took place for the Native Americans here during that time, they say there is no reason to be thankful and that it shouldn’t be whitewashed.

Honestly, my focus during this holiday is gratitude; being thankful for the year, enjoying the company of family and friends, sharing laughs and good food. I allowed their thought patterns to interfere with mine and make me shrink down; then I took a step back in observation, my native friends celebrate this holiday.

So today, November 24, 2022; I am grateful, I am the gratefullest. I’m grateful for time with friends and family, time to celebrate all the successes and the lessons learned when things didn’t go as expected.

I’m grateful for the 7 day mental diet; that is teaching me. I’m learning that I have to focus on the world within and building that up, because those arrows, those attacks come from unsuspecting people. I don’t believe they mean ill will, but it doesn’t remove the sting.

So here I am, still on my 7 day mental diet linking those 7 days together. I’m cleaning house getting rid of destructive thought patterns, learning that I cannot please everyone and not taking their observations personally.

I’m working to become familiar with my future-self and substituting habits that have hindered my progress to be that bold person I’ve been called to be. I am so grateful for the Master Key Experience! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • I Am Grateful For Your Post!! Thank You For Sharing How You Remained Present With The World Within Amidst Well Meaning, Yet Sometimes Unknowingly Negative Influences. I Can Relate. Appreciate You!!

  • Kudos to you, Donna, for continuing with your mental house cleaning with 7 day mental diet! Great observation and application of what you are learning here in MKE! R2A2! Recognize, Relate, Assimilate, and Apply! That’s what you are doing, Donna!

  • thanks Donna – I’m grateful, deeply so, for the thoughts you’ve shared in your blog.

  • Gratitude rocks!! So grateful for your share Donna. You are applying the MKE skills in your everyday life and receiving the benefits of being the observer. Celebrate those wins and progress. So grateful you are here. Thanks for saying yes to your Hero’s Journey. We are cheering you on!

  • May this find you in great spirits and successful with your focus. Keep moving forward with MKE.

  • Happy THANKS-giving Donna. Stand strong in your positives and you will continue to attract the others around you to do the same.

  • Wonderful thoughts on gratitude, Donna. Thanks so much for sharing and triggering even more gratefulness on this special day!

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