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I have started to notice changes this week. A few of the highlights:

• Several times over the past few days I’ve been about to write an email knocking myself. You know the sort of thing, “This isn’t working but it’s probably my fault.” Then I hear a voice saying, “Do you really want to put that out to the Universe?” So, I don’t write that bit.

• It’s become less effort to complete my MKE exercises than to put them off. This feels like a tangible turning point for me. A couple of days ago, I was telling myself that I was tired and missing my exercise programme (which includes listening to my DMP etc and looking at my poster) for one day wouldn’t matter. Then the voice butted in, and I found myself doing bench presses before I realised it.

• A major step forward happened yesterday. A friend and I went out to lunch to a nearby pub. Before I knew it, I had ordered a healthy salad and a non-alcoholic drink. My friend John was a little shocked to say the least. Particularly as the pub serves four real ales and the normal issue is how to choose. I guess my PPN of True Health is part of me now.

And this is only week 9!

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  • I love that you are recognizing these changes and observing your own progress – great job!

  • Congrats to your progress and trusting the process. Your true self is growing stronger as you listen to and act on it’s voice. So inspiring to read, thank you for sharing Allan!

  • Your Observer is very present and the various elements of your DMP are slowly but surely percolating in your subconscious mind, hence your easy actions in line with your intention, that’s awesome, congratulations for your dedication to your own Self & thanks for this inspiring post!

  • Good on ya, mate! Ha ha, where did that come from? (I don’t think I’ve ever used that expression before – lol). Salad and non-alcoholic drinks – way to go, Allan. Cheers to your successes with installing new and much better habits!

  • Love hearing about your progress. old habit… out. vs. New Habit… in Ab-so-pos-so-lutly inspiring.

  • I guess #MKE cures what ales ya! LOL Thanks, Alan, for being one of the first to submit Week 9!:-)

  • Time to celebrate, Allan! Woo-hoo! More proof that this stuff really works. I really can’t wait to see what else unfolds for you!! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible happening.

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