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The good news is I finished my audio recording yesterday, not 10 minutes before writing this blog. The most time-consuming part was deciding on my background music. I then spent another twenty minutes wrapping things up.

The mental diet is going to take more time to complete. I hope it will not last seven weeks or, worse, seven months. The number of negative thoughts I have is pretty small. The problem is once in a while; I don’t catch myself in time.

I’m kidding that it could take seven months, I hope.

I am changing my PPNs from Liberty and Autonomy to Liberty and True Health. With shoulder surgery in January and knee problems, I feel True Health is more important than Autonomy. A change means a rewrite of my DMP. It is essential to have the correct PPNs. So even though I’m not looking forward to a rewrite, it needs to be done.

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  • Yes, John, it’s tough to sort and pick music… (too many choices!) Congrats on getting it done and identifying your PPN shift. Now, to totally eradicate the rest of the negative thoughts!

  • Congrats on finding your PPNs! A rewrite of your DMP is not a negative, its a claim of who you are and your purpose in this world! Enjoy!!!!

  • Good job John, you are right to take time with the DMP, and get it right. And remember, when you accomplish your goals, ALL those PPNs will be fulfilled.

  • I am still writing my DMP too and it’s ok because it’s our future and the time and attention we give it now impacts the rest of our lives!

  • Congrats John on completing your audio recording. Applying the mental skills we learn in the MKE helps us all to focus on what we want versus what we don’t want. As Og reminds us, “with Practice any act becomes easy”. Cheering you on!

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