MKE Week 9 – 13 Uses for Money

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1. If you get caught sneaking into your neighbor’s home to steal her prize-winning fruit cake recipe, money can help you make bail and hire a lawyer!
2. When your high school student is invited to play the tuba in the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, money can help you fly the whole family there, stay in Times Square and spend a week in the big apple.
3. If your husband whips up a BBQ rub, a secret sauce and original rib recipe, money will help him market it and create his own business.
4. When a natural disaster like a wildfire or hurricane causes damage in your community, money can help you provide essential things like food, water and shelter for your friends and family.
5. If your 5 children want to buy and operate a ranch in Arizona, money can help you become their biggest investor and you get to help them create income for life.
6. When you see a tree full of gifts needed for children whose families are struggling, money allows you to help as many families as possible.
7. Each month when your bills come do, money helps you pay them and prevent you from stressing about your finances.
8. If opportunities come up for you to be a founding member of a new business, money allows you to consult your attorney, tax professional and financial advisor and allows you to take advantage of the opportunity, if it makes sense.
9. When you create the painting of your dreams, money allows you to have prints made, the prints framed, a website created and the hiring of someone to market and sell your art.
10. Money gives you the freedom to take an exciting idea you have for a restaurant or café, create professional plans, consult professionals, purchase permits and “all the things” needed to make it a reality.
11. With money, you can take your spouse on a trip around the world where you can visit places on your bucket list, have experiences and buy as many souvenirs as you like.
12. Money can pay for insurance and all your family’s medical expenses.
13. Having money gives you choices about what you get to do with your life. Period.

Meet Ann Walls

Mother of five, wife, creative, goofy, passionate person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ann loves the color purple and truly loves colors, textures and patterns in general. She comes from a musical and artistic family but chose to follow more analytical careers as a pharmacist and a financial advisor. Ann enjoys people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. As a person with HUGE goals, She enjoys collaborating and masterminding with other positive, passionate people who enjoy creating their lives.

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  • I love money!

    It is said that “Money is the Root of all Evil” and I think that tag line needs a little amplification. The root of all evil is not money – the lack of honor is the root of all evil. It’s not about the money – it’s about what you do with the money.


  • Ann thank you for sharing your thoughts about money. See you at the top of your money pile soon.

  • Ann, if you haven’t already, I suggest Wallace Wattle’s, “The Science of Being Rich.” after you complete the MKE course. Thanks for submitting your #MKE Week 9! 🙂

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