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I recently watched the movie Rudy. Rudy’s definite major purpose was to play football for Notre Dame. If he had not had such a strong vision of what he wanted to achieve, he would not have been able to accomplish his goal.

Rudy also had the positive mental attitude that he would succeed despite being told on multiple occasions that he should give up. If he had agreed with any of the people or indications that he would not be able to reach his goal, he would also have failed.

Rudy had a plan of action. He was going to show up and get into Notre Dame, leaving behind his job, girlfriend and family.

When that didn’t work right away he agreed to work hard to get good grades at another school so he could get accepted to transfer to Notre Dame. Then he worked even harder to stay on the football team as reserve despite his lack of natural talent and stature. If he had not had a clear plan on how to accomplish his goal, he would not have been able to play the final game.

Rudy had a mastermind alliance in his best friend who always encouraged him and bought him a Notre Dame jacket, the priest who helped him get into school, his best friend at school who helped him improve his grades enough to get into Notre Dame, his boss and the janitor at the locker room at Notre Dame, and eventually the whole football team who made a demonstration to ensure that Rudy got to play in the final game.

All of these factors combined to result in Rudy accomplishing his goal of having his dad see him play football for Notre Dame. He had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish, stayed positive that he would accomplish his goal, had a clear plan of how he would accomplish this goal, and found others to help him do so!

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  • Rudy is the perfect demonstration of all that MKE offers us to be as goal oriented and successful.
    Happy to see your recognition of this Aschel 🙂

  • I really enjoyed watching Rudy too. It is all there, the DMP, the POA, the PMA, a great desire, passion, hard work and a Master Mind. Lucky us to have the MKE and all the great peeps here. Thanks for you post!

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