MKE Week 14 – Out of the shadows

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14. The fairy tale of my youth is really real. The energy I feel within, that is greater than me, that soaks me in Love and sends warm tingles through my body, is here by my side, guiding me forward.

14 gives me the knowledge that I need not pay any mind to how or why I allowed the program to take me away from this truth. 14 tells me that all I must do is deny that negative thought pattern, and returned to me will be my original innate essence.

The joy of how the design really is, is my playground. To know how this thing called life was intended to be; for creation to be participants and co-creators in the making of all things.

14.12 shows the common purpose at a cellular level; to perpetuate life and produce a harmonious organism. It is said, and who am I to deny, that the universe is alive, an organism, and I am one of its cells brought to contribute to the whole that brings benefit and perpetuates its existence forward. What better purpose could there be, especially knowing I am equipped with the means to do so sown right into me.

As these thoughts permeate, reproduce themselves, and build momentum upon each other, the clear-cut description of how is made known to me. As I focus on harmony, be harmonious, less self, and more surrender with a level of discipline I have heretofore yet exercised is the course. Thank you 14, for the powerful knowledge that denying everything inharmonious to the master purpose can be used as another catalyst into the unknown perfect future.

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  • Creation, co-creation and harmony are a great recipe for self-realisation and making this world a place of joy and love.
    Thank you Greg, great blog.

  • Great job Gregory, powerful words! Keep applying the knowledge, you are doing great!

  • Love your insights and thoughts about week 14. Thanks for sharing them with all of us and keep up that wonderful work. I appreciate you sharing your ideas.

  • I love seeing through your eyes, Greg. Thanks for these reflections and your passion. You help us all on our parallel paths. I especially love your wording: “soaks me in Love.”

  • Inspiring blog Gregory. Glad to hear Chapter 14 of the Master Key System has a significant impact for you. Holding that magnifying glass steady on only what we want; focus on harmony as you shared in your blog; to return to what has always been there = our harmonious nature. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

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