MKE Week 14 – October Sky and new directions

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The October Sky movie was really impactful on so many levels. Seeing Sputnik in the sky above the United States, when the cold war was happening, caused so myriad of emotions in so many people. Observing the fear and concern everyone had for this new celestial body and not knowing what this metallic satellite was doing up there.

Was Sputnik watching them? Was Sputnik going to do something nefarious to them? All fear-based thinking of the unknown. In contrast, Homer was inspired by this new celestial body and he was looking at it as a motivation to do something completely different than his father who works as a coal miner manager.

Pivoting from the outside world to Homer’s inside world, in their house you see a complete contrast. In contrast to Homer’s inspired view of the future he was living in a constrained environment.

His father, John interacted with and viewed his two children in completely different ways. One child he saw as a great athlete with great future opportunities. In Homer, he saw an average person with impossible dreams.

John had these specific paths which he had chosen for his children and wanted to see them “succeed” in what he thought was best. Due to unforeseen circumstances Homer ended up shelving his dreams because of what happened to him as well as wanting to help his family through a difficult period.

What inspired him in the past re-inspired him in the future. He was reminded of his DMP and the vision of the future kept him moving forward through all the failures, trials and tribulations until he finally, through all odds, succeeded.

Like Homer, do I let circumstances and fears hold me back? Or do I remain inspired by my vision of the future? Do I hold fast and keep moving forward? At this point what I have done so far hasn’t worked so now it’s time for something totally different. My totally different is the MKE and this new direction is compelling and inspiring.

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  • Great Questions! You are doing so much and I am looking forward to your future self! Remember, be kind to yourself…and I see you smiling.

    So happy to your life and what is to come….

  • Inspiring blog Suzette! Way to embrace your new direction. Cheering you on as you continue engaging in your Hero’s journey.

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