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Several years ago I read a book that changed my life. It really prepared me for the MKE course. I initially resisted it because I didn’t think it fit into my core belief system. After reading the first chapter however, I was hooked. It made SO much sense to me and resonated in my spirit. In that chapter he reveals the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind. It was mesmerizing!

The book is called “The Love Code” by Alex Loyd. He looks deep into the concept of Energy Medicine and how it will eventually dominate the field of medicine. He links this to a somewhat recent discovery of cellular memory in Chapter 2:
“On September 12, 2004, the Dallas Morning News ran a story, “Medical School Breakthrough”, about a research study that had just been completed at Southwestern University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Scientists had discovered that our experiences do not just reside in our brains but are recorded at the cellular level throughout our bodies and they believed these cellular memories were the true source of illness and disease.”

“Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the difference between a healthy life and death…cancer can be the result of a bad cellular memory replacing a good one…This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.”

The experiences of organ transplant recipients support the idea that each cell carries memory. Now we know that memories are stored in every cell of the body. King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life”. We now know that the Solar Plexus is the physical seat of the subconscious mind and it literally sits right over the heart. This is just more confirmation of this reality. “Throughout the natural world, scientists are finding cells and organisms record their experiences, all without the benefit of a brain.”

This is consistent with our reading in week 14 where Haanel says;
“Electrons manifest in the body as cells and possess mind and intelligence sufficient for them to perform their functions in the human physical anatomy. All these cells are moving for a common purpose and each one is not only a living organism but has sufficient intelligence to enable it to perform its necessary duties, to conserve the energies and perpetuate it’s own life. It is therefore apparent that there is mind in every atom of the body. This is the scientific explanation for metaphysical healing and will enable anyone to understand the principle upon which this remarkable phenomenon rests.”

We are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image (Psalm 139). He is the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Universal Mind and He has infused Himself into each and every cell in our bodies.

There is a profound glory and a calling to each human being on the planet.
May we each discover who we were meant to be.

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  • Thanks, Teresa, for giving us a reason for the mind and body to be in alignment if we are to uncover our spiritual destiny in the World Within! 🙂

  • Teresa, thanks for your post – I’m doing my next sit delving into the themes of these amazing and powerful linking that you’ve discovered.
    Well done you 🙂
    Enjoy a great MKE week !

  • Teresa – Bravo for engaging and linking what you are learning from the Master Key System. Cheering you on as you continue your Hero’s journey.

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