Week 14 – Persistence In The Movies: Door To Door

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This week we were assigned to watch a movie and pay attention to the four tiny details of persistence: DMP (definite major purpose) + PMA (positive mental attitude) + POA (plan of action) + MMA (mastermind alliance).

I chose the film, Door To Door and as I write about it in this blog post, I’ll point out where I noticed the details of persistence.

I had never heard of the film Door To Door and so when I searched YouTube to watch it, I was thrilled to see it available.

I gathered my oldest daughter and my husband and we sat down to watch it.

Door To Door is an inspirational true story about Bill Porter, a man with cerebral palsy who desires to become a door to door salesman (his definite major purpose), following in his late father’s footsteps.

Bill lives with his mother (his mastermind partner) who reminds him that with persistence and patience, he can do anything he sets his mind to (nurturing his positive mental attitude) and she helps him follow his dream.

Bill has some physical struggles with walking, use of his arm and forming words, yet he decides to interview for a door to door sales position (his plan of action to achieve his definite major purpose) and ends up at Watkins, a direct sales company.

The film begins when Bill’s mother drives him downtown for the interview. Despite a good first impression, they suggest the job is too strenuous and initially reject him, however he persists and goes back into the office to ask again. He requests the worst route that no one wants and tells the interviewer “what have you got to lose?” which seals the deal for him and he begins a life changing career as a door to door salesman.

Throughout the movie, we see the tiny details of persistence again and again.

The first day on the route, Bill is met with obstacles. The route is on a hill and many homes are only accessed by steps which slows him down as he has a hard time walking.

He is a little difficult to understand and as he meets his customers for the first time many of them are rude, disinterested or distracted. He persists and keeping a positive mental attitude succeeds in inviting a few to look at the products and ends the day with a sale!

Bill’s positive mental attitude is also clearly supported by his mother. She reminds him of persistence and patience from the first scene of the film and it shows up often, even in Bill’s packed lunch. Bill sits down on a bench and pulls out his sandwich and the words “persistence” and “patience” are written on the bread! (what a brilliant mastermind partner!)

No matter the stress or physical demands of the job, Bill keeps a really good attitude when on his route. He stays focused on his customers’ needs, he respects and honors them in all situations even in times of great stress or dire situations. It’s this good attitude that makes his loyalty to his route shine. He walks his route in the pouring rain, he dismisses charity, he holds his ground through rejection and many other happy and sad moments along the way.

This movie is so touching as we see Bill navigate the highs and lows of his own life too. We learn that his mother is losing her memory and he must find proper care for her. His doctor shares that he will suffer back problems should he continue his strenuous sales route. Bill hires an assistant, a young woman named Shelly, who works with him for many years, first delivering orders and helping with tasks around the house and eventually they become close friends. Several times they bounce ideas off each other (another example of Bill’s mastermind alliance). He is hospitalized after having an accident and breaking his leg. He loses his home due to medical debts and eventually is forced to retire as his company changes sales models and phases out door to door sales.

Towards the end of the film, Bill’s story of being a door to door salesman is written up in the newspaper. He resists the coverage at first but when the story comes out, it shares how meaningful his role in the lives of his customers really was. The leadership at his company realizes how special the door to door salesman role is in the big picture of the lives they touch and they bring Bill back on to continue his door to door sales.

I am so pleased Mark and Davene invited us to watch this film. It is one I won’t forget for a long time and I still feel the effects of the emotional highs and lows, even now days later. I know that if Bill Porter could succeed as a door to door salesman despite the challenges he was up against, then of course any of us can equally pursue our dreams, no matter the obstacles.

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  • Thank you Sarah for sharing your personal reflections and spotting “the four tiny details of persistence: DMP (definite major purpose) + PMA (positive mental attitude) + POA (plan of action) + MMA (mastermind alliance)”. It is indeed a very inspirational movie in many ways. One of my favorites too.

  • Very inspiring blog Sarah. You knocked it out of the park relating to the movie personally and identifying the MKE principles (DMP, MMA, PMA etc.) Great job! Continue to enjoy your journey and new discoveries!

  • Thanks for leaving a great comment on my blog post, Loren 🙂 I appreciate that. This movie is my new personal favorite as well. I’m glad it was recommended, I had never heard of it before MKE.

  • Except for the new add-ins, Sarah, I’ve watched all those suggested, and “Door-to-Door” is by far my personal favorite (yours is the first blog that mentions it). Great blog! 🙂

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