Week 14 – Give Yourself a Joe-Joe!

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As I intently look back at some of all the great, really great things that I have done in my life, it amazes me how I have not been able to see or acknowledge my own greatness until now.

I really am a miracle in endless ways, but I have to admit that it still feels strange to write those words. I remember I used to say that “I am the hollow bone and Great Spirit just channels everything through me”. I was grateful for that, it felt good, but at the same time, thinking about it, it was a nice way to find an excuse for not standing in my own greatness.

It was God’s work that I channeled and God was something other and greater than me. Last week it sank in that “The Father and I are One”, so it was time to stop separating myself, and everybody else, from God or The Universal Mind. I am and We are All One. Clearly. How could it be any different?

There is still a deep cultural difference here that interests me. As a Swede I have been brought up with the idea that it is a very ugly thing to think that I am good or that there even is a “God”.

Most people here used to cringe when I said the word “God” – thankfully this is shifting. The protestant religion also told me I was born as a sinner. How weird is that? I had inherited my sin? What was even a sin? In any case it was not a good thing and I had to live with it. The guilt, the shame of being a sinner.

Americans are very different here, in a good, but hard to understand way for a Swede. Americans come across as boastful and bragging to most Swedes. I still have some problems finding the right balance here. How to be humble while still standing in my own greatness.

I have lived 15 years outside of Sweden and have now been back here for 12 years and I am slowly coming into a balance and this moment realizing that standing in my greatness is not a thing that I need to talk about.

It is easy to come across as boastful and bragging while talking about yourself. Even while giving a talk and presenting yourself. Words often get in the way. Silence speaks much louder than words many times.

Love is not what I say to another, it is what I do or what I get done. True love is in the action. True love is the fruit of those seed thoughts that I have so intently sowed in the soil of my rich consciousness, the ones that I have nurtured, watered and protected.

As I sow I shall also harvest

The harvest comes quickly these days. Already this day, it is early morning as I write, I have reaped a great harvest since i won over that old, smaller me that vanishes as one lesser thought after another is ignored and forgotten.

I woke up with a nasty headache this morning. Not like me at all. My smaller self felt sorry for us and wanted to stay in bed. The body ached after a long yoga session yesterday. My higher self argued, “we are winners here, we are going to make this day the best ever, get out of bed and DO IT NOW”.

It took us a good 30 minutes and then I jumped out of bed, drank a big glass of water, head still hurting pretty bad. Had a big cup of coffee, decided to think about what I was grateful for from yesterday – and so I started thinking about writing thank you notes to my friends.

Then I came to think about the fact that I had convinced my mother, now 82, to join me in the yoga session. It was her first EVER yoga class yesterday and, guess what, she loved it! How is that for something to be grateful about? It is incredible and I helped both her and myself because it is part of my service to the world, and fulfilling my DMP, to inspire and facilitate for thousands of people to be the best version of themselves.

As I think about it I helped the whole class yesterday, to be their best selves. Even the teacher, it was her first class ever here in our village and of course she was nervous. I have been a yoga teacher myself for 20 years or so and I have not attended a yoga class for 15 years since I have my own practice. It was a great class and I think everybody was happy.

I even got a chance to practice a handstand at the class since I taught one of the students to assist me with the asana. I have been afraid of doing them for a couple of years since I had an accident and now I am back doing them again at 61. Amazing.

Writing this I realize so many victories and I can see that I have applied all of the techniques from the MKE to get to this point of standing in my own greatness and not being embarrassed about it.

It is natural, the way it was meant to be. Humble greatness because I have a DMP, I have a POA, I have a PMA and I have an MMA. Well done and thanks to all of you for being there as great mirrors of who I am and helping me manifest this Divine Reality that I call My Life.

Now it is time to give myself a big “Joe-Joe”*!

* a “Joe-Joe” for those who don’t know it, is a saying I got from my wonderful musician friend, Joe-Joe, who I had the great honor to meet in CA many years ago. It simply means that you give yourself a good pat on the back for doing a great job. Give yourself a Joe-Joe!

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  • Just a wonderful blog post Ann-Charlotte! Love it!
    “I still have some problems finding the right balance here. How to be humble while still standing in my own greatness.” I can relate to this so much (probably because I’m Swedish). I’ve had the same issue before, but then I realized that just being me in my own greatness is a great way to be humble. And since we are all one, as you also point out in the blog, I believe that I contribute to others to also stand in their own greatness when I do that.

  • Thank you, Dennis, you are so right. I believe that mirror exercise is a lot more powerful than most of us know. 😊👌

  • Yes, isn’t it a great one, the ‘Joe-Joe”. I remember this amazing man with an enormous smile in my heart. He is someone who comfortably stands in his greatness, while still being down to earth and very humble even though he is one of the worlds greatest studio musicians. I can’t believe I had the honor of spending so much time with him. He changed my life.

    PS. Not a bad thing at all with those common humble attributes of Canadians and Swedes 😊👌

  • Thank you so much, Day! What a beautiful and unique name you have. Your words make me smile. Yes, more and more love – every day! ❤️

  • That’s awesome Ann-Charlotte! I love the concept of a ‘Joe-Joe’ – and giving ourselves credit where it is due, without being boastful or bragging. (we Canadians are like you Swedes, I think).

  • I enjoyed reading your post, Ann-Charlotte. It sounds like the ‘gal in the glass’ has been helping you recognize you’ve always been ‘great’ by helping others to light up their own path in life. Congratulations!

  • Ann-Charlotte, I LOVE this post. What a great way to share the amazing journey you have been on and are still taking! I cannot wait to see what more manifests for you — more love is surely coming as you are giving so much of it!

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