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The Happiness we want If we reach a goal or if we acquire something is Not going to bring us happiness.. This was a lesson I had to learn and it took a long time, Today, I have a conversations with people and I can read right into what they’re really saying and they don’t even know.. I finally understand what that “quiet desperation” Mark talks about means and all I want to do is tell them everything I know so they can get out of their kunundrum!!

Sigh… I can only guide them, and hope they catch on. I, as well, am a continuous work in progress and have to remember to practice what I preach! There is no longer can’t in my dictionary, there is.. what will I do to overcome, there is always a way. Sometimes the activity isn’t the answer we want to hear, but it is indeed the way to Freedom!

And this week, we know that we are created in His image, and perfect as we are, with gifts to bring. And that’s why our PPN’s are so important and why It’s so important to have that clear vision, I think there is no better way to educate others than for to ACT ourselves! Everything is Possible! And That is Truly Liberating!!

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  • Inspirational blog Maria! Thank you for sharing! It’s so true what you say. The best way to show the way is by being you and living your ideal life, with your passion and purpose in your heart. You are indeed perfect just as you are!

  • Maria, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Part of me didn’t want to read what you wrote as I was getting a physical reaction but I am glad I did.

  • Maria, so true, leading by action is really the best way to show or tell people. You are living your best life, because of your choices, the easy and the hard ones. But you chose to continue on and persist each time. Amazing

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