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At first Christmas week was stressful. The old family dynamic was starting to fire up and the claws came out. My sister and I had it out a few times.

I felt really overwhelmed and I slacked off on the exercises for a couple days. One early morning I was walking down the stairs to make coffee, and I slipped and fell. Myself, my homework and my phone landed with a big boom. Talk about a grand entrance!

My sister who was sleeping in the guest room next to the stairs ran out and was very concerned and upset. Even though I was in pain I got up and gave her a hug and kiss and told her I was sorry for our fight the night before. I felt light, I was actually grateful that I fell because it was a good reason to make up with my sis.

We got along great after that. I rode out the “wrath of the storm”and tried not to bully myself too much about not getting stuff done and reverting back to my old habits, and realized that I had made it out and felt better.

I dusted myself off and I kept going. I’m getting stronger and despite setbacks I keep going. OG rules!

It’s raining alllll the time here in Montecito, so using the 7 laws and using it to my advantage and getting work done! Stay safe everyone and Happy New Year!

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  • Laura, You really have worked so hard this last week/or two to make your ABSOLUTE best of your situations with the family. I feel like if I can do it with my family, I got this anywhere 😀 You can see the hard work is really paying off. Incredible.

  • I’ve noticed that when I need it most, the Universe sure knows how to get my attention, even if it’s a thump down the stairs. So glad you’re okay… and that your holiday turned out better. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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