MKE Week 14 – Starting Over

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As mentioned by Stefanie Hoffa I had my phone stolen this week & with her help I “MKE’d” the entire situation from the moment reality kicked in. The amazing part for me is that I immediately did not blame the person who did it & I forgave them. Ironically I also learned to forgive myself for leaving my phone. It was an amazing moment of growth & peace. My heart dropped out of my chest, my mind raced my anger tried to peak within me, but I just……stopped. I stopped my history from repeating itself. I knew that my past experiences, actions & reactions would not cause my phone to reappear or for the situation to be changed, so accepted what happened & reminded myself that I am a new person with a different destination.

Unfortunately my “life” was in & on that phone & I had to come to that reality. I also turned to my gratitude list that I have been building over the last couple of weeks to remind myself of what my truth really is & that this too will pass.

Is/was any of this easy…, not one bit, but I did not allow myself to go where my flesh & every fiber within me wanted to go throughout the week of reflection & consequences. It was difficult but God & Stefanie helped me every step of the way. I chose for my holiday week & weekend to not be ruined by a mistake & you know what…..everything for this Christmas turned out better than it has ever been.

Like I have always said…..everything is a choice & I always keep my promises to make the right choices now.

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  • Congratulations on your growth and choices, Jake! Think that’s proof of personal growth and MKE progress!

  • Team work baby! So awesome that you are practicing the 7 laws in your daily life and not reverting to your old patterns, and if you do, don’t be too hard on yourself you’re doing great xx

  • Good work using and taking advantage of the 7 Laws of the Mind. There’s more to your life than what was in your phone.

  • Wonderful! Truly, and so inspired by your willing commitment to keep your promises, even when hard, I can relate and I love the pause, and redirect. Thank you for sharing Jake

  • Wow! I’m so proud of you for stopping old patterns and consciously making a new choice! Awesome job making the best out of a very challenging situation and keeping your promises!

  • Fantastic Jake! Your attitude is a shining example! What a great approach to a stressful situation:)

  • Anger is instinctual and one of the more difficult emotions for the subconscious to reprogram with immediate forgiveness, Jake, yet, by George, it appears you’re doing it! Thanks for being the first to publish your Week 14! 🙂

  • So true, everything is a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience. You choose to stay grounded in goodness for you and your family.

  • Spot on awesome!
    Masterminding, law of substitution, gratitude, all combined to get you to allow yourself to choose a better way to react to those things that happen! That there is certainly applying that knowledge, as knowledge won’t apply itself! Discovering and realizing those moments have become ever present to you and many of us as well. The awareness that let you change the trajectory of the event of losing the phone, in itself also changed the trajectory of everyone else’s day or days. Your growth was certainly displayed and thus likely has had an impact on those around you! One simple thing that could’ve been not so good, was turned around allowing everyone you came in contact with to experience your new you….Those moments are the moments that catapult us (you) into our future selves and solidify our trust and faith in the processes!
    Awesome share,
    Thank you…

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