MKE Week 14 – Rudy’s Master Mind Alliance

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The movie Rudy is based on a true store about a boy from a working-class family who was too small and too slow to be successful at football. Despite his lack of talent and size, he knew his definite major purpose in life was to attend Notre Dame and play football for them, he had this goal “for as long as he could remember”.

Throughout the movie, we meet his Master Mind Alliance partners. Initially, he only has one person who believes he can do it, his best friend. His friend even buys him an official Notre Dame letterman’s jacket while they are working in a plant because he knows he will go there some day. The day after this friend’s funeral, Rudy travels to South Bend Indiana to find out how he can attend the school.

Once he arrives, Rudy is introduced to a priest who listens to him and helps him get into a community college where he can bring up his grades. (This is his second MMA partner) Soon after, Rudy becomes friends with the man in charge of maintenance at the stadium where Notre Dame football games are played. Rudy’s passion and determination convince the man to give him a job and eventually the key to the area, so he has a place to stay. (Third MMA partner)

Rudy’s 4th MMA partner is one of the smartest guys in the school and he helps Rudy learn, despite having dyslexia. Eventually Rudy gets into Notre Dame and makes the football team as a defensive end from hard work, sheer determination, and belief that he would. Over and over, we see how people are inspired by Rudy and they help him and believe in him.

I thought one of the most powerful demonstrations of belief in Rudy was when the entire string of starting football players went into the head coach’s office one by one to give up their spot in the final game so that Rudy would have a chance to suit up for the game and be on the field. This last game of his career was also attended by his parents and brother who never really believed Rudy would succeed but were happy for him once he did.

Lastly with only seconds remaining, the football players began chanting “Rudy” “Rudy” over and over and the spectators began to chant as well. The offense quickly thew a touchdown so the “defense” would get another chance on the field. The coach finally put Rudy in, and he managed to sack the other team’s quarterback, time ran out and Notre Dame won. The team lifted the 5’6”, 165lb champion up onto their shoulders and carried him off the field and the stadium went berserk.

This story illustrates not only a powerful example of the hero’s journey, but more importantly the progression of the momentum that can be created with a Master Mind Alliance!

(Incidentally, this happened in 1975 and no one has ever been carried off the field like this since then!)

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  • I love watching the end of movies when they share additional things that happened. It was a wonderful movie. 😉

  • Thank you for pointing out all the Master Mind Alliances throughout the movie. I hadn’t thought about some of them, but they are all important!

  • What a powerful movie. I like the way you described it. I had no clue about anyone being carried off the field since 1975. Thanks for sharing!

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