MKE Week 14 – Rudy – and his Habits for Success

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Rudy’s purpose in life was to play football for Notre Dame. He and his whole family were huge football fans. He was short, small and had little athletic ability. What he did have was a burning desire above all else just to get to play, and to prove it to himself and to his family that he could do it.

Besides not giving up, his staying the course was due to believing he could do it. He had so many odds stacked against him; like being told he couldn’t do it by a lot of people, his father and his brother especially.  Rudy’s hometown best friend believed in him in the beginning, that helped to encourage him to fully go for it. He received many rejection letters from Notre Dame but kept going until he got the acceptance letter.

There were many setbacks throughout his journey, but his fiery dedication to his dream kept him going. He would not take no for an answer. He practiced humility by helping others in any way he could on his way. It made his team mates, friends and coaches really want to help him too because he was a true inspiration. Most were amazed by his dedication, and some didn’t understand it. Rudy experienced some self pity and wanted to quit, but he decided to persist, and even though things didn’t happen on his time table, his dream did come true. His vision, hard work, persistence and belief in himself paid off. He was so happy and proud of his accomplishment.

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  • I watched the movie Rudy this week as well and I’m so glad I did. I had some set backs and disappointments that would have taken me out in the past. However, because of my work in MKE and the reminders of his story, I was able to keep my mind space clear and positive. Thank you for sharing and giving the synopsis of this movie. Bless you!

  • The first time I heard Rudy’s story he was standing on a stage in front of me. I didn’t know his story, and I’d never seen the movie. That man has more belief in himself in his little finger than many do in their whole body. Rudy persisted until he needed to persist no more.

  • I’m currently watching a Cary Grant movie. You know, “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.” Oh, I guess it’s Judy. LOL! Great synopsis! 🙂

  • Hi Laura, Your post is a very good recap of the movie Rudy. A wonderful picture of persistence. Happy New Year 2023

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