MKE Week 14 – Obstacles on your path

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In the walks we take on our given path we from time to time find that path taking a unexpected turn and our walk is either stopped, stalled or delayed. And once those turns show up unexpectedly, often we also begin to slide down the hill next to that path…..

Or at least that’s what would’ve been the usual in my previous walks, my walks before MKE opened my mind and eyes to the realities that are ever present in our lives!

So here’s what that actually means: what most of us, including myself until the last few months, do when that turn or curve in our path shows up is we dwell on that! When we dwell on it we actually cause it to continue on in that unexpected manner or to even become much more of an obstacle than it had originally been. And then at some point we would sit and wonder why us or why me, and so on! But in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way at all, not now, not ever!

In the week and month last to pass, I’ve had a plethora of random things show up in the middle of the paths that I’ve been on. The me that once existed would’ve dwelled on those to the point that my slip, fall, stall or the likes would’ve become a never ending landslide! Yep, that Was the old me. The me that was here before MKE opened my mind and my eyes to everything that we actually have control over, our thoughts!

Imagine you on your path and that random unexpected thing shows up and instead of focusing on that obstacle, you focus on your destination! And all of a sudden you get to your destination and those or that obstacle actually seemed as if they resolved themselves or never even happened! That has been exactly what my week and month last to pass have been like!

No longer do those random little things turn into massive derailing events, instead they kind of simply resolve on their own, as I don’t focus on them any longer!

I’d like to welcome you to my new world, a world where you have control of your reality! Thank you MKE!

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  • thanks for the welcome into your new world Drew 🙂
    May your focus deepen on what you truly desire in your ideal life.
    All power to your future self !

  • How can one be eternally happy, Drew, if we ever allow ourselves to spend one moment focusing on the negative? Thanks for the reminder, Drew! 🙂

  • A huge congrats, Drew. You not only accomplished something amazing with changing your thinking and your focus. You were also able to create such a vivid image of the process with your path image. Great post!

  • I sure did enjoy this blog! Thank you for trusting the process and especially trusting yourself to be open minded and open hearted to doing the work!

  • And by doing the work, the walk on the path gets easier! Great post! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing awareness!

  • It great to see someone apply the principles and get results mahalo for commenting Jen

  • Inspiring blog Drew! So glad you are recognizing your own growth; the “before and after MKE”; you are engaging in the mental exercises and experiencing the reward of your focusing on the thoughts you want. Bravo!

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