MKE Week 14 – I can see clearly now!

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I’m on a path of reprogramming my subconscious! This comes from the belief that my whole life to date is the direct result of the decisions and choices I’ve made till now!

If that’s true, in order to create that future as I envision?
I’d just have to make decisions and choices in line with that new me!

It’s also been proven that most of our daily decisions are subconscious or automatic! Thus, changing the way my subconscious thinks, will change the decisions I make and change my future!

Sounds elementary, but I’ve discovered, my subconscious doesn’t want to change!

And so, I’m behind in my class, feeling overwhelmed, and treading water. But today’s webinar gave some important insights and outlined the reasons behind all the exercises!

As I stated above “I can see clearly now!

Happy New Year

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  • Take each step at a time and enjoy the journey. “I can see clearly now.” Thank you. Happy New Year!

  • Love this! I have been talking about and seeing the word choice the past few weeks so much. I can see clearly now the rain is gone, love your title and love that verse. It makes my heart smile.

  • Hey Dave! Thanks for sharing !!! I congratulate you on winning the reprogramming agenda!!! Shaking off the program and remaining enthusiastic, engaged, and hopeful is a FULL-time job and the only one that is worth the effort. So when I am feeling down, overwhelmed, or pressured by some mistaken idea of inadequacy that arises from my subconscious and the decades of negative thinking and world submersion, I remember that there is no race to wonderland in the roadways of infinity. I find I am now more quickly using the Law of Substitution and remembering I/We are all part of a beautiful whole – a fact – and that the negative nonsense my mind suggests or that media portrays is just that- nonsense– We are made with a purpose, and that purpose is Grand!!! Keep up the good fight buddy; we are all in this together, and we will WIN as we PERSIST:)

  • Awareness is the first step and many people don’t get there so congratulations! Continue changing the way you think and making choices that create the future you desire. I’m cheering you on!

  • Great post Dave, being aware is a big step and realizing that subby does fight tooth and nail to stay comfy is very big. Congratulations!!

  • Dave, thanks for sharing. I’ve felt that way in and off throughout the course, also. It’s cool to hear you’ve become aware and observer of your own actions. Keep up the good work.

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