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“You are who you hang out with” is a phrase most of us heard growing up from people who wanted the best for us but had no idea how true this statement is! This phrase has also been passed down from me to my children, but we’ve never talked about it in depth.

I’m currently enrolled in a Mastermind group, and I have assignments, and readings daily. Most of what we practice is geared toward developing positive habits, re-programming our subconscious and learning how to think independently. My husband Greg witnesses me reading aloud and explaining how cool and exciting my experience is daily. Today, I witnessed the power of positive energy and good habits and how they can be transferred to another person.

One of the new habits I am forming is to perform a simple “service” aka a “chore” each week but once I complete it, I’m supposed celebrate like I’ve won the Superbowl. My first service was to bathe my dog, then I celebrated with energy. Without realizing it, Greg has adopted this practice. Today, when he completed a task he was proud of, he ran around like he does when his Dallas Cowboys win a game, shouting like he won the Superbowl! It was so funny, yet I could feel his excitement and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with him!

My best advice to anyone who isn’t feeling positive or is discouraged is to look at who you surround yourself with and find the most positive, fun people you can, because it is true! “You ARE who you hang out with!”

Meet Ann Walls

Mother of five, wife, creative, goofy, passionate person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ann loves the color purple and truly loves colors, textures and patterns in general. She comes from a musical and artistic family but chose to follow more analytical careers as a pharmacist and a financial advisor. Ann enjoys people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. As a person with HUGE goals, She enjoys collaborating and masterminding with other positive, passionate people who enjoy creating their lives.

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  • Great post Ann. So true that we lead by example. So thrilled that you are digging in, and engaging in the exercises. Added bonus = you are a positive example for those you hand out with, especially your hubby & kiddos! Fantastic!! The positive ripple effects are endless.

  • Great blog, Ann!
    In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference in their habits. – Og Mandino
    One of those habits is who you hang out with!

  • Miss Ann, “service” aka a “chore”, and “celebrate like I’ve won the Superbowl” Thank you for sharing about your husband it brought me joy and a chuckle.

  • I’ve heard a similar statement regarding income. Namely, your income is a reflection of the income of your 5 closest friends. Love your version regarding attitude, Ann! You made my day! 🙂

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