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I always though that by the age of 50 I would of had everything in place and I’d be living the life of my dreams. Things happened and I took some detours as I call them.

One thing I definitely now is there is always something to learn. Then I recalled when my Dad was 60 and fell into a depression because the life he imagined didn’t completely blossom. That’s how I felt at 50, except that I wasn’t depressed, I knew there is something still a lot to learn and to achieve. I am happy to be a part of something that is teaching and showing me how to be the version of myself.

Learning to express myself, describing the big picture, and putting into words on how I feel has been different. I was always just to the point and really never gave it detail. In my mind I can see it and just struggled describing it.

I feel that after sitting quietly and letting my thoughts come through I am seeing things differently and I am creating good habits. I am happy to doing the things I am doing daily, no longer saying oh another day of work, home, etc. I am even enjoying just writing what is coming through my mind, like now.

The little things I started to do and now I see what they can create. It is so much bigger than I actually realized.

You are never too old to do the things you choose! Do it NOW!

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  • Absolutely, it is never ever too late for anything. I’ll be 61 soon, and I am starting my fourth career now. I have never felt better in my life. Thanks for sharing and enjoy as everything gets better and better!

  • Feeling happier each day, is showing you you’re on your way, Monica. Very uplifting blog, my dear! 🙂

  • Isn’t it amazing, Monika, to see change happening already in your life?! Imagine those who are younger having this experience and all that time to manifest greatness; however, those who are much older have also seen the Blessings flow. Better late than never.

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