MKE Week 4- We Are Not Done Yet

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We Are Not Done Yet!

After viewing the picture about, I thought the following from my collection of poems to be published before April, 2023.

“We Are Not Done Yet!”

We are not done yet!
We still have hopes and
dreams, goals to still be
accomplished, and visit places we haven’t seen.

We are not done yet!
there’s a generation who need
us, to love, encourage mentor
and deposit the best of our skills.

We are not done yet!
praise God our Lord and
Savior, He continuously inspires us,
to live as guiding lights in His awesome kingdom.

So don’t sit us in a
corner, nor treat us with
distain, but come to us for
wisdom, and allow us to renew our
youth, like eagles once again.

Jacqueline Maynard-Campbell©

Meet Jacqueline Maynard-Campbell

Entrepreneur, Certified Wholistic Health Coach, and Cruise and Travel Consultant, Jacqueline's background includes management in corporate America, retail administration and Bahamian tourism. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, known as "Champion Grandma", fulfilling her purpose to Empower Generations!

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  • Beautiful and true, just like you, Jacqueline! There is always time and always Godly work to be done.

  • What a beautiful poem, and powerful message! I can’t wait to read more of your poems!

  • Perfect timing, wouldn’t you say, Jacqueline! Got a chance to show off some of your creativity as well. Great blog! 🙂

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