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What is your vision for the future of the World?

Are you the one who’s going to impact a lot of people, so that they can have a better life?

That’s part of what we do as coaches, teaching others to see that they can definitely help themselves with our support.. that’s the reason that I’ve chosen this picture, but to be of service to others, you first we have to help ourselves.

So the next question is: who was your mentor, and how did you find him or her? Most likely it was from an acquaintance that you fully trusted, via word of mouth..

You see, we are ALL connected, everything we do in our daily lives affects someone, so make it a habit to be of service to one or two new persons a day, and soon you will be of tremendous value to your network, and if your vision is big enough, you too can be the next Greatest Of All Time in your profession!

You’ve got to dare to be different than all the other coaches, be authentic, in your own special way, walk the extra mile for your peers and your clients, and your life will never be the same!

I also needed to reinvent myself many times, but eventually we all grow to our full potential, IF we trust the process that as a (wo)man thinketh so is (s)he!
And if we are what we think, we also need to make our own Mastermind groups to spread our Vision around the globe, because birds of a feather, do flock together!

It also might be a bit frightening for you, but do remember that FEAR mostly comes from False Expectations Appearing Real, if your vision and belief are strong enough, you will accomplish what you’ve said you would do.

For me personally, I always was ambitious, and I still am enjoying my own journey in becoming who I was meant to be. We might not achieve our goals, as we thought in the beginning of our journey, but if you dare to shoot for the moon, you might hit a star!!

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  • Thank you Anthony for your enlighting blog. “dare to shoot for the moon, you might hit a star!!”

  • gI just read a blog that pointed out the best way to deal with fear is to replace it with love. You’ve got a bunch of great principles in this blog. Anthony! Want to be my coach? LOL 🙂

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