MKE Week 4 – The Visualization of My DMP

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This Week I have been concentrating on the visualization of my DMP. While I am concentrating on my business flourishing, being able to creatively attack new and bigger jobs or puzzles and sounded by love and support.

The more I concentrate/ meditate on my amazing life it is. The amazing support I am getting form my wife and friends is in direct correlation from the support I give them. I truly want for them exactly what they want for themselves without anything in return.
In another spiritual program, I have been introduced to a spiritual experience or a change in perception from old bad habits to new positive habits. This change in perception was freely given to me by people who once had similar bad habits. Now I freely pass the experience on to others.

This week I have been concentrating on my sit. Meditation has always been a helpful tool for me. I am staying in my sit until I am reaching a comfort level and carrying that throughout the day if I can. When that level drops, I try to recognize the drop, analyze why. This constant action and meditation help me to circumvent the drops. Life will be life and give challenges. The challenges of life make me stronger but if I meet these challenges with love in my hear instead of fear, they are much easier to overcome.
I LOVE my life today and am blessed to have the challenges that I have!

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  • Hi Scott, you have a well-developed habit of the sit and carrying that comfort level throughout your day is an awareness I can doo too. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Scott, What a great share! Thank you. I love your focus on the sit until you hit that comfort and then carrying through the day. That can be hard enough, but then to see when that changes and to find the why? Great work!

  • Wonderful Scott “I LOVE my life today and am blessed to have the challenges that I have!”

  • I agree with Arlene, Scott. Until we learn how to use fear constructively, what better thing to replace it with than love. Great blog #4! 🙂

  • Awesome blog Scott! Love instead of fear – that is a great concept, and so effective:)

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