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Ask and you shall receive. We all know it and it works many times out of naiveté. I did for me, for good and for bad. It takes great courage to ask for big and lofty things, even “impossible” things. I started asking for such things as a child, like most kids do. I wanted to make my parents happy. I wanted to get enlightened at the age 12, just like Ellinor Roosevelt, so I could save the world. That was long before I decided to quit my career as a research scientist working with viruses and the idea of creating a vaccine for cervical cancer. Such a ludicrous idea, but I was lured into the deepest pits of the industry. The Cancer Industry. Little did I know back then that both the Chinese and the Indians had perfectly working protocols for healing such things already a few thousand years ago. Oh well. Had I not chosen that scientific path and received the crown of my proud, yet by then, extremely bruised little ego, ie. my pompous title: Dr of Medical Sciences, I wouldn’t have spent 10 years in The Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico, US. This is where I met my Spiritual Mother, LeeAnn. The imposive, beautiful, calm and quiet guru who gave me Shaktipat and helped me re-member who I am. I was so scared just to approach her, but there was no choice. My heart and my soul yearned to know. That was also a long time ago and I have consciously co-created many miracles since then. The rather immature DMP I wrote 1994 was finished a few years ago. The result of that one is a movie in itself. However, I started scripting a new DMP in 2004, this time including my country of birth, SwEden, where I had never felt at home.

Yes, it was time to make it at home, among people who to me mostly seemed like zombies. No, I am not pointing fingers. I used to be a control freak, molded by social democracy and suffering from social phobia too. But, deep in my heart, of course, I love my country and my people. We have all been under a strange spell. The Nordic Model. A mass hypnosis that is poison to the soul. On the surface it seemed like we were free, but in reality… all this was a brilliant, consciously engineered materialistic prison that is now cracking and falling into pieces. Just to grow into a new and evolved society. Chaos is a prerequisite for growth, just like composting is in Nature.

Yesterday I decided in my DMP that “I am a Master of producing bliss-peptides no matter what condition”. Today I was tested by a fellow Scandinavian who tried to bully and degrade me. I dodged the attack skillfully. I did not get angry. Instead, the energy released in my body activated the onset of a tsunami of happy bliss-peptides. I even got inspired to joyfully clean up my mom’s house. Service – and victory!!

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  • Happy Peptides to You, dear SiStar! Thanks for everything you are and do. You inspire me and my behind is officially kicked by five weeks in such distinguished company as yours. Time for the next round of courageous mental house cleaning – my sitting with our lovely friend, Mr Haanel.

    Level up, up, up!! 🙏🤗🌹💥

  • Thank You, Loren, for your kind words and for your happiness for me and us. The Truth was and is always there, behind all of the cement and illusion. What a blessing to see it all crack and fall, only to reveal all of our Natural Golden Radiance! ❤️💥🤗

  • Hey, hey Heather, sweet soul sister, thank you for your kind words. Reading them triggers an awesome wave of bliss peptides in my body temple and make my angel feathers get all happy & fluffy. Take a deep breath and feel into that. My words are spiced and charged with your kind gift to me and doubled 10 times as this message reaches your eyes.. nice, isn’t it!! Love and Grace, AC 🌹🤗🥰

  • I really enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your reflections and thoughts about your life, Ann-Charlotte. It’s interesting how “modern” science is trying to reinvent what has been known for thousands of years, whether it comes to the medical industry or quantum physics or anything else. And you gave me a smile when I read swEden. I have never seen that spelling before, and I have never before seen swEden as a kind of Eden either.

  • Beautiful insights Ann-Charlotte! Absolutely true, victory leads to more victory. Give more get more… Thanks for sharing.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, Ann-Charlotte. I can feel your power and happiness even as I’m reading this powerful testimony of your life and yet even more to come, right?!

  • I’m always amazed on this subject just how they knew so so many thousands of years ago that this is true of us all – those great peptides!

  • Being aware that cures for cancer have been around for decades, its good to hear how decades are actually centuries, Ann-Charlotte. Very happy you broke the spell created by the mythology of oncology. It’s good to know who the real quacks are, and who would have thought receiving Shaktipat played a part in that. Great blog! 🙂

  • Ann-Charlotte, you said it well “energy released in my body activated the onset of a tsunami of happy bliss-peptides”.

  • Oh woman I need that magic. I am having a hard time not curtailing to the old peptide wave. I will not fail, I will keep going! Thank you for this.

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