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In a previous blog I have talked about my reasons for starting this journey (leaving a legacy for my family and service to others). Well, I don’t think service to others was mentioned in that blog. So, I want to give that some airtime in the ether!

Even when I was in grade school, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Restoring a person’s hearing, or eyesight would have thrilled me to death. The joy on the faces of people hearing a song or the sound of the ocean for the first time would have made all the years of medical school worth it. Who knows what the the vision of the Grand Canyon or the sight of a tardigrade would mean to people? Maybe with the vision of the Grand Canyon a geologist is born, and earth’s history is more clearly understood (after we really discover why the Great Pyramid was built).

Hearing a song can move people in ways that are as unique as the individual. Some might trigger memories of childhood (70’s ruled!). Some songs might bring back bad memories of a purple dinosaur (whose theme song was heard way too many times – sorry for that reminder!). Songs have saved artists by giving them a way to express (and save) their tortured souls.

Because I was a terrible test taker (I always just froze up), my grades never reflected the love I had for the sciences. So medical school just didn’t pan out.

Along with my love of the sciences, I always wanted to fly. Not just a little Cessna, I wanted to land a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier. I would have served my country in the Navy, but the universe had other plans. Invisible little things in the air kept me from that dream (and provided me with shots in each arm for almost my entire childhood). The Navy didn’t want anyone landing $80 million jets while they were sneezing. So, allergies killed that dream.

Oddly enough, I did end up in service. Not quite the way I had envisioned it, but the earth is a little cleaner because of my past environmental testing and will be cleaner in the future because of my current work in the green energy sector.

So, service remains a very big part of my life. Perhaps with what I learn in this Masterclass, even greater things materialize because of the shoulders I’m standing on!

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  • Great blog Michael! I enjoyed much reading your story behind your desire to be at service.

  • Love your Blog, great story teller you are! Happy to be with you on this journey. We make many discoveries and the best one is when it becomes our life long passion!

  • From what I know about medical school and the Navy, it sounds as if you dodged some major bullets, Michael. This course which teaches how to become a self-directed thinker promises to serve you well. Great blog! 🙂

  • Great thoughts, Michael. There are always ways to serve that allow us to utilize our skills.

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