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One of the most interesting ideas that I have ever heard was the existence of the I as the driving force of both the body and the mind. Some say it is the Spirit or the soul. Recently my youngest daughter asked me about seeing our dog in “heaven”. This was just after reading Week 4 of Haanel. I started out very slowly trying to make sure that she understood first of all that all living beings from the smallest plant, creature, or anything that has life has a spirit. This spirit that they have as well as the animals and ourselves is the force behind the existence of each of us. That when the spirit or soul leaves the body then that person, dog or plant dies. There is no longer a way for the mind of the created to exist without the spirit or soul. All livings things are connected to the omnipotent universal spirit. She of course had not heard this kind of information before and started to ask questions. “Dad,” she said, “that is all very interesting but all I wanted to know is if I will see our dog in heaven.: I probably went a little deep for her understanding but I have become so excited with this concept that I needed to get it out. I can remember when in college and taking philosophy classes that several of these men spoke of the I or the ID. The one that gives us our lives. Being in a Christian college there were several students that challenged the instructor on how this differs from what we have been taught. As a Christian, I see this as a connection that blows my mind and is supported by the same scripture that the other students were talking about. This lesson does make you think, think in ways that you have probably never thought of before. That is true for me and diving back into the old philosophers I can say that now I understand what they were saying even if others do not understand. This has been a breakthrough for me and how I now understand the connections that we have talked about for the last several weeks. I am excited to continue to learn and understand more of this connection between the universal and myself. As to the question, “will we see our dog in heaven,” I said I believe we will but not in the way we see him now.

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  • This is a great post, Paul. While I feel like I have a solid “spiritual” existence, I am not well versed in religion, and appreciate your take on the similarity between the religious point of view and more basic philosophy. (I’m probably about at the level of your daughter when it comes to this stuff.) Frankly, I hope I see my dog in heaven as well.

  • Paul, you already know. The danger is staying in your head to understand (the ego). Go deep into the world within and join with the Spirit and you will know.

  • Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep that “I” from spilling over into the land of ego, Paul, so I love your way of describing how we are all connected! A personal favorite is “God dwells within you as you. See God in all people.” Your daughter is lucky to have you as her father. Great blog #4! 🙂

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